Documents Dream Meaning

The meaning of a dream on documents can be very diverse. This may concern any part of your life. In general, the dream that pleased you has a favorable interpretation. And on the contrary, the heavy dream of loss or unsuccessful search of documents promises troubles.

If you dream that you are dealing with some relevant documents, that’s a bad sign. Then, in reality, you may be involved in some trial.

For a young woman, such a dream talks about misunderstanding in love relationships. Probably, it means that the behavior of your beloved will be the cause of your discontent.

If you dream about the massive stack of various documents predicts a successful course of affairs at work. You can achieve an increase in wages and make acquaintance with useful people. Act accordingly so as not to miss your a chance.

A useless and boring pastime is promised by a dream in which you accurately and scrupulously put secret files in the piles. Perhaps you are involved in other people’s quarrels as an uninterested person, which will be very unpleasant.

A long search for an important paper with a zero result foreshadows a precarious situation in society. Try to keep everything under control and do not let yourself get involved in trouble.

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If you saw in the dream when the passport was stolen, it is a sign that there is a harmful person next to you. His presence makes life more difficult and unbearable. Get rid of communication with this individual. Otherwise, there will be a lot of hassle and bustle ahead of other people’s problems.

A dream in which you wrote off your property to someone (by testament or a gift contract) promises an increase in material well-being. This will happen due to your success in the service. Many months of hard work will bring well-deserved fruits in the form of raising the career ladder and increasing salaries.

Favorable dynamics in communicating with competitors or old acquaintances will come in life if in a dream you put your signature on any documents. This will give an opportunity to rest from the constant nervous tension finally.

Any papers that you can not find, despite all the efforts, warn of significant losses in business. Do not be overconfident and check everything carefully before making promises.

For a woman who is married, if she sees herself working on the documents, bring bad news. It is a sign of a melancholy pastime and disappointment in life. Marriage will be healthy and will last a long time. But probably it will not bring much joy and happiness, at least to the nearest future.

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When in your dream you tore essential papers into small pieces, prepare to breathe in the fragrance of freedom. In reality, a broken marriage came to an end, and now only the formalities remain. It’s time to get busy with yourself and make new acquaintances.

If in a dream of a young man, he forged documents, it is a sign of a lawsuit in his surrounding. For the sake of justice,  his close people or himself will have to spend some time visiting the house of justice.

If you dream about how you search for not too essential documents, it means difficulties in solving problems. You will find yourself in an awkward position in reality, and you will not be able to find a way out by yourself. Use the expert’s advice in the required field.

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