Dog - dream meaning

A dream about a friendly dog is a sign of loyalty and devotion. An angry dog signifies gossip and frustration. 

Dreaming about a fierce dog, that bites you, then it means that you will go through financial failure in the near future, which will make you face yoru enemies. Dreaming about a dog that is affectionate means that your friends can look forward to earning money in the future, and will be loyal. If the dog in your dream is a thoroughbred, then it is a sign that your will be given a position of authority and prestige at work

Dreaming about a bloodhound is a warning that you are about to succumb to temptation, which ca be harmful to you.

Dreaming about a dog that bites is a sign that you will argue with your significant other or someone you work with. If you dream about a dirty, hungry dog, it is a sign of disease in children, failure in your work, or losing money. If you dream that you have visited an exhibition, it is a sign of success. Dreaming of a pack of barking dogs can be an indication of unpleasantness and complications in your real life. If the dog in your dream hunts, then you can expect a promotion to happen soon.

If a girl dreams about a dog, then it means that she will be married to someone who is intelligent and good. If the dog in your dream scares you, then Miller’s dream book states that you will endure hardship. Hearing dogs growling, but without seeing them, is a sign that you will encounter hypocrites, and that there will be problems with your family.

If the dog in your dream is whining, then this is a sign of a friend dying, or that you have been separated from them for a long time. Dreaming about dogs that are fighting is a sign of losing future arguments with your enemies, and feeling discouraged.

If you dream about a good dog, this indicates that there will be new developments in both your love life and your work.

Dreaming about a cat being chased by a dog indicates that you’ll have difficulty in your romantic relationships. Separating animals that are fighting means that you will successfully complete your romantic relationships after difficulty.

Dreaming of a dog with multiple heads is a sign that you have been too hasty in managing your business, and you might wind up being disappointed.

Dreaming about a mad dog is a sign that you will fail in an important deal in the future. This dream can also be a warning of death.

Dreaming about a fierce dog that makes you afraid and uncomfortable because of its bark and unnerving grin, is a sign that bad news or a run-in with your enemies is in your future. Dreaming of a large, black dog that is mad is a sure sign of big trouble and a danger to your health. 







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