Doll Dream Meaning

A dream about doll has various meaning. In general, this refers to your personality traits and relationships with others. But there may be other interpretations.

Dreaming about a beautiful doll wearing a dress and with its hair tied in bows, it means that you might be pregnant soon. If you are a man, it might say that you will quickly find love or meet a good acquaintance. It can also be the sign of a new quality emerging in your personality.

A doll that lays on the floor and doesn’t move, as if it has been dropped, is a sign that you might separate from someone who doesn’t feel like they need you around any longer.

If the doll you dream of is broken and has body parts missing, then it means that you will have insignificant problems at work or home, such as minor arguments or insults. Try to deal with others sensitively, so that you don’t later regret your behavior.

Purchasing a doll is a prediction that you will enter into cooperation that benefits you substantially, which can make you prosperous.

If you have a friend around when you play with your dolls, it means that your relationships with friends and family are positive. If you play with the toys by yourself, then it means that your plans will be implemented quickly. You may feel that people in your workplace are trying to have control over you. It is the time to bring your independence to work with you.

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If a doll has a conversation with you in a dream, it means that you are lonely. You need to reconnect with your friends.

Barbie doll from a dream portends a big quarrel with a friend because of arrogance and disdain. Decide what is more important to you: a person or status. Even such a dream can predict an unexpected hobby. Do not give up on it – it will help you to diversify your life and use your time.

Disproportionate doll personifies your negative attitude to the modern world. You certainly despise the imposed ideals and the general pursuit of brands. Also, this dream promises a fun pastime that will distract from sad thoughts.

Voodoo is a doll belonging to a manipulator. Someone in the environment very much wants to influence your thoughts and actions. Take a closer look at your friends: perhaps there is a person among them who uses you for their own purposes. His friendship is self-serving and destructive for your life and dreams.

If you dreamed of a puppet, in reality, there is a lot of anxiety and empty troubles. For a woman, such a dream predicts fast cares for the baby. It can be your own child or baby of one of the relatives. For a pregnant girl, the puppet from sleep is a reflection of fears for a future child and a fear of new responsibilities. In order not to find yourself ahead of time, take a break for household chores or hobbies.

Buying a doll is an omen of an advantageous offer. This will bring you more financial benefit.

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When you were presented with a doll in a dream, you can count on the speedy execution of a dream. What you longed for would necessarily come to life. Yet this dream promises an increase in financial well-being. Many dolls say that you will have a happy seed life and more than two children.

A dream in which you were presented with a beautiful and elegant doll means good news. If it seems that the doll is too good for you, then, in reality, the weaknesses and shortcomings can cause significant damage to the reputation. It is necessary to fight with their bad habits before it’s too late.

You will help relatives in a difficult situation and bring them joy if they themselves gave the doll to someone in a dream.

If in a dream you dressed a doll in a smart dress, in life it’s time to abandon the role of the child and take responsibility for your destiny. No stranger will equip your home comfort and will not pave the way in life.

An animated doll warns of unpleasant events related to the mercantile nature of others. Do not trust strangers with requests for help, colleagues and casual passers-by. Also, this dream advises to handle money more accurately and not to lend.

A doll dressed in a wedding dress promises acquaintance with a romantic future or pregnancy.

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