Door - dream meaning

Dreaming about a door means that you have access to change and new avenues are opening up to you in your life. It could also mean that you have an option to choose something different from your usual status quo. It can also be symbolic of your transition between life stages. You need to think about the feelings, numbers, colours and images linked to the door in your dream in order to understand its full meaning. 

If the door in your dream is open, then you have new avenues available to you, ready and waiting. This could also indicate that something new has already started. It could also be a sign that you have become aware of something you are doing differently, or that you are receptive to new things.

If the door in your dream is closed, then it could be that your recent opportunities are now unavailable. It could also be representative of a decision that needs to be made, or something you need to do in order to make the opportunity available to yourself.

If the door in your dream closes immediately after opening, this may represent how you feel about an opportunity that has looked to be available, but then become unavailable. It could be a projection of your own understanding of a dream appearing to be available and then disappearing. You might be becoming excessively sensitive about an issue, seeing it come and go, but without ever fully resolving it.

If the door in your dream is locked, it could represent the ability to access something from which you have been cut off. You may feel that any advancement by you in your own life is being blocked. The locked door may also be an indication that you are avoiding opening up to others, or that you are being anti-social.

If you dream about having opened the wrong door, then you may have stumbled across opportunities that you have no inclination to pursue, or problems that you have no desire to have to endure. It could also be an indication of an accidental social connection with a person you dislike, in which you have inadvertently led them to believe that you want to see them again.

If you dream about having a door slammed in your face, you are most likely to be feeling ignored, or excluded. If you dream about people expecting you to welcome them through a door or invite them in, it is a sign of areas in your life where you are feeling pressured. It may be that you are finding it difficult to overcome a poor habit.

Opening the door to someone you dislike, or a criminal, is representative of negative thoughts or fear. It might also be your subconscious warning you that you are getting too close to someone who is negatively influencing your decisions. 

If you dream that you have been locked outside of your own house, it means that the negative things in your life are impeding your right to feel safe, or your sense of stability. You have a sense of being unable to return to normal life.

If the door in your dream is jammed open, then you may be forced into a change that seems unable to be reversed.

Example: In a woman’s dream, she tried to open a door that was locked. In real life, the relationship with her daughter was disconnected.

Example 2: A man dreamt of a door that was stuck open permanently because the door frame was skewed. In real life, he was in a state of continuous drug-induced hallucination.

Example 3: A door opened and closed immediately in a woman’s dream. In reality, a fight with her boyfriend had led her to believe that he would break up with her soon because of the way she had conducted herself. The next day, the feeling had gone. The door was symbolic of her feeling that the opportunity was there for a breakup, but then the possibility was gone.







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