Dragon Dream Meaning

The meaning of а dream on a dragon is very complex and diverse. Such a dream may reflect your greatest fears or weaknesses. It all depends on the details of your dream and the various aspects. However, there are other interpretation options.

Material Aspects

The dragon can be quite a complicated image to experience in a dream.

A dragon is both fearsome and able to be tamed; it is often an indication of our wild nature. Our wild notions and beliefs need to be met with understanding, and a dream can offer this by giving context to our unruly passions.

Emotional/psychological perspective

There is a hero in all of us – the part that fights against our weaknesses to get to the core of our being. Dreaming of a dragon allows us the opportunity to engage in the fight.

Chinese interpretation

If you dream about a dragon in a doorway, this is a sign that your life will be prosperous and auspicious.

If a dragon and a snake go into your house, it is symbolic of money entering your pocket.

Ordinary meaning

Whatever you dream about a dragon, is a good indication of your attitude regarding them.

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The British saw dragons as dangerous, while the Chinese saw them as a sign of good luck. This is why it’s crucial for the dreamer to be able to remember the exact situation present in his dream.

If you dream of a dragon in darkness, it’s an indication of your weaknesses or the beast within you. But, if your dream had a positive tone, then it can also indicate that something beautiful is about to happen. The dragon is also a sign of authority, formerly representing the serpent Tiamat, who was the goddess of chaos and darkness. If you dream that you have been victorious in a battle against the dragon, it is a sign that you are in charge of your future.

Komodo Dragons

Dreaming about a Komodo dragon indicates that you are feeling a debilitating fear. You may feel permanently controlled or humiliated. Or you may fear the inevitable consequences of your actions. Also, you may fear death, either physically or spiritually. This can also be an indication that you feel trapped or stuck somewhere you can’t bear to be.

Example: A woman’s dream showed her launching an attack on a Komodo dragon. The reality was that she was overly protective when it came to her son, who was four years old. The dream may have been a symbol of the fear she felt about something terrible happening to her four-year-old.

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