Dress - dream meaning

Dreaming about wearing a dress is a symbol that you are compliant. It may also mean that you like to help others. You may be lacking in assertiveness, and overly agreeable. You may also be grieving a loss of some sort.

Dreaming about a dress may also mean that you are in the process of overcoming significant issues in your life and dealing with a stressful change. This dream often indicates recovery from a serious injury or scars left from surgery. Your attitude towards a recent loss may be a positive one.

If you wear a dress in your dream, it can be an indication that you have little power or control in your daily life. You are unable to have a say in your current circumstance. 

If you dream about someone else in a dress, then a part of your demeanour is lacking in control. There is a part of your life that easily offers itself up to others.

If you dream of a sexy woman in a dress, it means that a part of your life that you enjoy serves your needs. Your desires come true without even trying. In a negative light, this dream may also mean that your own desires will be used as a weapon against you.

If the dress in your dream is yellow, then it means that your compliance will be obvious to others. It could also mean that an aspect of your life is obviously bringing you good fortune. People may generally seem as if they want to help you.

If the dress in your dream is red, the you are being compliant to someone who is dangerous. It might also be a sign that you are trying to control a bad habit. It may also mean that you are being controlling and abusive toward someone else.

If you dream about a dress that is black, then it means that you have very little power to control the dark aspects of your life, and that fear is forced into your life.

 If the dress in your dream is blue, then it means that you exercise compliance or helpfulness positively.

If you dream about a dress that is green, then there is a chance you are compliant only for selfish reasons. You may be compliant because of jealousy. You may feel controlled by the arrogance of another person.

If the dream is about a  white dress, then you are experiencing feelings either about yourself or someone else’s compliance. It is truthful helpfulness. This will help to get rid of any problems you or another may have. You have control over the thing that aims to fix whatever you want. This dream may also signify embarrassment, where your embarrassed feeling must be hidden. You might see yourself or someone you know as an honest loser.

Example: In a woman’s dream, she found the perfect dress. In real life, as a designer, she had been trying to design the right dress to best serve her customers.

Example 2: A woman’s dream involved the tailoring of a new dress. In reality, she was recovering from chemical burn. The dream represented her difficulty in accepting the changes associated with the injury.

Example 3: Another dream was of a woman who had been wearing a red dress. Her reality meant that she had to face a mystery illness involving hallucination. Her problem remains unidentified.  

Example 4: In a woman’s dream, her Grandmother wore a gorgeous lilac coloured dress. In real life, she had finally come to terms with her grandmother’s death and was able to imagine her safe in Heaven.

Example 5: In a boy’s dream, he saw a beautiful girl wearing a yellow dress. In reality, he was being pursued by a girl at his school, and they became boyfriend and girlfriend. The girl did whatever it took to become his girlfriend, representing life doing whatever it could to readily hand a girlfriend to the boy.

Example 6: In a woman’s dream, she tried to avoid having a dress to wear. In real life, she felt quite stupid because of her studious nature, when it prevented her from enjoying her life.







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