Driving Dream Meaning

The meaning of dream in which you see driving may be different. Most often this indicates your self-confidence and ability to control your own life. However, depending on the circumstances, there may be other options.

If you dream of driving, it shows that you are in control of your circumstance. It shows that you are feeling increasingly in control of your destiny. The person who is driving in your dream is representative of who or what is making your reality.

If you dream of driving without being able to see the road, this can be indicative that you are unsure of your destination, or what your future holds.

If you dream of a missed turn, it might mean that you are distracted and not focused on the situation at hand. You are aware of your lack of focus. You are feeling frustrated at the need to restart your journey.

If you dream about driving too quickly, it could be a sign that you are taking dangerous risks. If another person is the one driving too fast, then you might be anxious about the speed with which something is progressing in your life, and you have no control over the speed limit at which it is occurring. This dream, or one where the car has no brakes, is typical right before a person falls ill or injures themselves.

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Night driving is an indication of a dreamer lacking in confidence or enthusiasm for their life’s path. They may feel that something has changed for the worst, or that they don’t know where they are doing in life. The dreamer may have come across something preventing them from achieving their ambitions. The dreamer may be feeling bad about particular choices they need to make or might be fearful of continuing.

Not being able to see while driving, due to an obstructed view, then it means that you are experiencing setbacks, or are distracted. If you dream that you have driven down a winding road, then you are finding it difficult to reach your objectives because your path is unstable. You may have the feeling that your life’s direction keeps changing.

If you dream about your car’s controls having parts missing, or not working well, this is a sign that you do not have the full power of your present circumstance.

If you dream that your car has spun out of control, this can be an exact metaphor for your life. You’re experiencing some obstacle or setback to your plans.

If the vehicle you are driving is bulky, then it might mean that you have to decide something significant, or particularly awkward. It could also say that you are finding it difficult to move your body physically. For example, excess weight, pregnancy, or leg injuries can trigger this type of dream.

driving dream meaning, dream about driving, driving dream interpretation, seeing in a dream driving

Example 1: A woman’s dream showed a girl, who was five years old, driving the woman’s car. It was evident to the woman that the girl was spoiled. In reality, the woman had exhibited childish behavior in her situation.

Example 2: Another woman’s dream was about an Italian man, who had driven her car. In reality, she was suppressing her sexual urges. The dream reminded her to become more assertive in her sex life with her husband.

Example 3: One girl’s dream showed a crazy woman driving her car. In reality, her mother had taken her abroad against her will.

Example 4: A man’s dream involved struggling to control his car. In reality, he was in recovery from a recent illness.

Example 5: One woman’s dream involved her having the chance to drive the car belonging to her ex-boyfriend. In reality, she had been regularly having sex with him as an attempt to maintain his interest while she sneakily tried to fall pregnant without him knowing.

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