Drowning - dream meaning

Dreaming of drowning can be a sign of a number of things that your subconscious is trying to tell you. Below, you will find some of the more popular derivations of this dream:

In the Ocean

If you dream that you have drowned in the ocean, you need to pay attention to the small details. There are minor variations that give insight into the dreamer’s daily life.

If you drown while you swim out to sea, it’s a sign that you’re in control of your emotions, and generally take life as it comes. But, if you dream of getting tired and slipping below the surface of the water, it can be a sign that you are becoming excessively burdened, and that you are falling victim to stress and pressure emerging from outside influences. It is a sign that your inner balance has lost its  centre, and that you need to reduce your burden in order to resurface . If, for you, this is a sign of a relationship failed, or being overworked in your job, this dream is a good indication that it’s time to contemplate your circumstance and free yourself from the thing that’s weighing you down.  If you dream about being pulled underwater by a tide or a strong wave, this is a sign that something has hit you suddenly, that you are finding difficult to handle. If you dream that you have been thrown by a wave against rocks, or washed to shore, then it could be a sign of what is to come, or you may simply be processing something that has already occurred.

Dreaming of being left behind either by a person or sinking vessel, in a situation where someone drowns, then this can be a sign that you are afraid of abandonment. It’s important in this instance to share how you feel, so that the problem can be sorted out through clear outcomes and known intentions. If it’s a long-standing fear, then it is often useful for you to go through a regression of sorts, to get to the impacting event that caused the initial fear. Some traumatic events, such as death, divorce or sudden loss, when experienced at a young age, can elicit the same feelings throughout your life, often leaving you with a feeling of loss or abandonment. A person feeling this way may become clingy or jealous.

In a Pool

If you dream about drowning in a pool, it is a symbol of something manufactured. The question you need to ask yourself is what man-made aspect of your  life looks good to the naked eye, but is unnatural in its representation. 

Dreaming about drowning in a pool by yourself is a sign that you can not sustain your current lifestyle any longer. This is a good time to reduce the stress and get rid of anything that doesn’t make you happy. This is the responsibility of the dreamer themselves.

If you dream that you have drowned in a pall with lots of others around, it can mean the same, but with the one difference being that you’re experiencing the stress and workload publicly. People’s reactions in the dream can be a good indication of real life as well. If they are helping, it is more likely that they will try to help the dreamer in real life. If other people are drowning at the same time, It can be a sign that the whole group are experiencing something that requires change. Water, as a sign of emotion, signifies loss or sadness in this particular type of dream.

In a Natural Disaster or Storm

yIt’s common for people to have dreams about drowning during a natural disaster, such as a tsunami, flood or storm, in which the rapid rise of the water causes them to be swept away or pushed under the surface of the water.

Dreaming about this allows the dreamer to connect with their memories from past lives. If a person has drowned in a past life, then this kind of dream allows them to process and resolve the memory. If a fear or trauma remains unresolved, it will stay that way until the dreamer is able to resolve it and move on. Dreaming is one way our subconscious allows us to do this.

This type of dream can also be predictive of a real life event. It might be a warning to the dreamer that something is going to affect the world’s population on a major scale.

In the instance where this dream is neither caused by the past or a future catastrophic event, then it can be an indication of how a natural emotional impact is handled. It can be a way of telling our subconscious that we are about to be surprised by something. It could be a loss of some sort, or even death of someone we love. It can also be a symbol of a recent emotional impact on the dreamer that he has not been able to process well.

This type of dream is a great reminder about our personal responsibility in managing our own coping and stress in order to resolve our feeling sof loss and grief.


In any dream, it is always important to think about the external events surrounding the main circumstance or message. An example of this is if someone drowns, but is drunk. This could be a sign that they haven’t been dealing with stress in a healthy manner. If a person plunges a bus into a nearby body of water, it could mean that they are taking life too fast, and need to slo w down because the risks to themselves and others are too great. Yet another example of this could be if the person drowns with their hands tied. This could mean that they are powerless to fight against what is taking their breath. This could be a sign that the dreamer has been forced into a situation of victimisation or failure. It could also indicate that the person is feeling smothered by a negative relationship or other pressure.

This type of dream is a good indication that the dreamer needs to take hold of his circumstance and change it so that victimisation and suffocation no longer have a place in his life.







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