Often the dream of the dagger meaning of a danger. However, small details strongly influence interpretation. This can be a warning about betrayal or betrayal of friends. It is necessary to recall the details of the dream to get the correct answer.

Hitting someone with a dagger means that you may be the unintentional reason for the financial loss of your friends.

If you dream that someone attacks you with a dagger in hand, but you take a knife out and avoid any injury means that you will overcome misfortune and hardships.

If you had a dream about seeing a dagger, it tells of unpleasant incidents in life. You are expected to part with close people, scandals, and losses. Your aggressiveness and quick temper will lead to unpleasant consequences. Learn to control your own emotions to stay in good relations with others.

It’s even worse to see a dream in which you use a dagger as a weapon. Your behavior has passed all the limits of what is permissible and raises serious concerns. Be prepared to be given a worthy rebuff by interrupting all communication. It will bring a lot of trouble in life and maybe an omen of an early dismissal. If you can not self-control your temper, the stars¬†advise you to seek help from a psychologist.

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When in a dream you cut yourself with the dagger, then in real life you should not rely on the positive outcome of the cases. All hopes and dreams will crumble in your hands. Difficulties in the work will only add trouble to the current setbacks.

If you happen to have a dagger in your hands in a dream, in reality, it will be necessary to resist some person or circumstances. You will have to defend yourself from attacks, keeping calm and relaxed. The situation in which you just kept it, not going to use, speaks of the inability to cause harm, to anyone. Nobility is good, but it will not allow you to achieve the desired result in a competitive environment.

If you dream about how you hit the heart of another person with a dagger, it is a symbol of an unrequited feeling. You do not have enough care in reality. Look for support from friends, once with your loved one you can not make contact.

If you see in a dream how the dagger is sticking out of your chest, represents pain and suffering because of a full feeling. Do not take everything too much to heart. Everyone has the right to make their own choice. After realizing this, it will be easier for you to let go of the situation.

dagger dream meaning, dream about dagger, dagger dream interpretation, seeing in a dream dagger

The searches of enemies on the scale of small intrigues will bring a sharp dagger in the hands of others. Most likely, someone wants to tarnish your name, using compromising information. Try not to lose face, and calmly explain the reasons for your actions.

Blood on the dagger heralds the deterioration of the current situation. Look for new ways to achieve the desired, by the changed status.

The knife received as a gift in a dream prophesies a new purpose. Do not rush to rejoice in a high position, along with it you will get a long list of heavy responsibilities and nervous disorders.

Dream, where you are in search of a dagger, means an acute need for a vacation. You are so earned and tired of household chores that you look for trouble yourself. Take a pause and restore your vitality.

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