Devil dream meaning is symbolic of a trap, where the dreamer is tempted and in possible danger. The devil represents the dark side of human nature. It also speaks of your inner strength, perseverance and ability to withstand adversity.

If a girl dreams about a devil describing a man, this means that her life will be smooth and full of seduction, but she will pay for this with poor health and loneliness.

If the devil in your dream is fearsome, and you were frightened, then it is a sign that any negative thoughts about another person have become public knowledge. You need to change your attitude to one of kindness.

Dreaming that you have fought with the devil is an indication that you need to embark on a journey of spiritual growth. You mustn’t miss the opportunity.

Not being frightened of the devil in your dream means that you have good self-control and can easily handle your dark side. Dreaming about a devil that is angry before you trip or plant seeds, then you need to avoid any activities that require global interaction. Engaging in these could bring about injury or an accident, and your harvest will be significantly diminished. Talking to the devil is a warning that you might become reckless, leading to terrible consequences.

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Taking gifts offered by the devil means that you might experience painful illness. If you are attacked by the devil, then you will be persecuted.

If you dream about making a deal with the devil, then this is a bad omen. Any ideas you have will cause those close to you to shed tears. Avoid anything that seems like a bad deal, and your life will improve.

Standing up to the devil’s temptations in your dream is evidence of your strength and perseverance. You will find yourself being able to not only cope, but also to help others when things are difficult. Dreaming of the devil can also indicate a curse linked to your ancestry, especially when it is seen in a man who is pious. Don’t be tricked and you will avoid being trapped.

According to Freud, the devil indicated the potential to become trapped by your desires. It is a sign that your close relationships are held with hypocrites. Killing a devil in your dream means that you can go against your urges, through the qualities of purity, innocence, prudence, and others.

Celebrating with a devil is a terrible dream to have. It means that you are led only by your whims.

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