If you have a dream about having diarrhea, it’s meaning that an aspect of your life is losing control. It is becoming impossible for you to manage the intense emotions you are feeling, and you need to vent quickly. This dream may also be a sign that you haven’t spent enough time analyzing a circumstance, or that you are entirely avoiding the issue altogether.

This type of dream can sometimes indicate that there is an issue with your digestion. It might also mean that you are tackling some problematic feelings at once.

This dream could be a sign that your body is full of harmful toxins, and the dream is releasing these from your body. These could be the result of inadequate dietary habits or an allergy. Dreaming of this might be a warning that you need to care for your bowel.

A dream in which you see your running poo symbolizes the attitude towards reality. There are too many factors around you that contradict your worldview. Also, this dream can personalize your underlying fears and the state of a nervous breakdown in reality. Try to ignore these factors, and focus on something pleasant.

Frequently repeated dream with such a plot warns about the disproportionate impact of your children’s complexes on the present. What scared or annoyed at a young age, now prevents you from moving on and causing similar dreams. It is necessary to find the source of your troubles within yourself and make an effort to get rid of it.

If you dreamed of diarrhea, you should not need loan money to anyone at this time. Perhaps you will be called a greedy person, but you do not have to run around and beg for your finances. Also, the dream recommends avoiding unnecessary expenditure, closely monitoring costs and a purse. All large purchases will be a waste of money, and absent-mindedness will give pickpockets a chance to steal.

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The dream, in which you feel the urge to visit the restroom, speaks of the insistent desire to get rid of the clouding factors in life. Think about how best to remove what is invariably brought about by a disruption in life.

When you dream of vomiting and diarrhea, you should prepare for difficulties in work. Carefully follow your actions to avoid mistakes. Do not trust colleagues and partners not to be deceived. This dream represents the solution of all domestic and work issues through open hostility. On the peaceful outcome of the cases will not have to count.

The dream in which you are dirty in the waste, predicts changes for the better. You can expect an incredible life growth and a burst of energy for new achievements.

If you saw infantile diarrhea in a dream, it will bring to life small, but pleasant events. When a similar situation occurred with a child of more adult age, in reality, you will find yourself in an awkward position and it will be hard to get out of it.
For parents, a dream in which a child has diarrhea means future problems with their child. Perhaps troubles overtook the child in school or relationships with others. In any case, your attention to the emotional state of the child and support will prove to be very useful.

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