The feeling of disappointment and grief in a dream are the personification of heavy thoughts. Old grievances, unpleasant events, and people, which cause unpleasant memories in the soul, find a reflection in dreams in the form of an annoying sense of loss. Any lack of self-confidence and unsuccessful search for someone else’s approval will bring such emotions into the dream. Try to find the exact cause of your disappointment and eliminate it; then dreams will acquire completely different colors.

Personal experiences and the search for one’s place in this life can be reflected in a feeling of disappointment in a dream. All events will leave a trace of incompleteness and the impression that in fact, it was possible to achieve a better result. Try to let go of the situation and not chase down the unattainable ideals. The whole point of happiness is the ability to enjoy what is in your life here and now. Relax and do not wait, then every moment can be a pleasant surprise.

Be that as it may, dreams, filled with a sense of frustration and apathy, promise unpleasant troubles and strong experiences in reality.

If in a dream you are filled with emotions such as regret and dissatisfaction with life, this is a hint of a way to solve all problems. It is only necessary to pay attention, what exactly caused you negative feelings in a dream.
When you managed to understand the reason for your bad mood in a dream, you can overcome all your fears and complexes. It will give a chance to start life from scratch and become, at least a little more confident in their abilities.

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