Dolphin in life are good friend of people. It evoke pleasant emotions and are associated with the sea. So in a dream, dolphins meaning important and dear to you people, as well as those who have authority over you. The sea at the same time reflects the space in which you rotate with these people. It is worth paying attention to what feelings you experience in a dream when meeting this mammal.

The dolphin carries a positive charge and means a strong friendship and a settled family life. In the commercial sphere, this symbol predicts true companions and magnanimous colleagues. If he is calm and playful, then life will be like that. When he is alarmed and often jumps out of the water, it is worth waiting for a storm and bright emotions.

Sleeping with a dolphin is a symbol of enlightenment and clarity of mind. If the dolphin swims far, then in real life your dreams and desires have no boundaries. They are not restrained by anything, are free from the opinions of others, and fashion.

If you swim next to one dolphin in the open sea, it is a reflection of your good nature and responsiveness in life. It is also a sign of the flexibility of your character, which allows you to find a common language with many people. If you swim among dolphins, then in business life a business meeting is held in the highest circles.

A dolphin floating on his back warns of excessive altruism. Helping others is very good, but one should not forget about one’s own needs and joys.

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A dream in which a dolphin is aggressive and tries to attack you means a failure in business due to lack of diligence and laziness.

If the dolphin positively treats you, then rest and freedom await you, ease in making the right decisions and lack of uncertainty in the affairs.

Skating on a dolphin in a dream reflects a lack of thrills. Both in life and in sex you are striving to get new, vivid, incomparable impressions. You are bored with the routine and constancy. It is necessary to commit some kind of insanity, though a little. Even if it is based on someone else’s example.

The promotion and supportive attitude of superiors to your new ideas will bring dolphins playing with each other in the water.

To dream of a small dolphin is a projection of your own child. Pay attention to how the dolphin-cub behaved in a dream, and you will understand how things are with the child in reality: he was calm, joyful, wanted to learn something new or, conversely, sad. Maybe he did not have enough water, or he poked at you nasally, then he definitely lacks attention and affection. If your children do not have you, then the baby dolphin will be a symbol of future success and prosperity.

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If in a dream you carefully observe floating dolphins, it is worthwhile to be careful of envious persons and gossips. In life, you are the object of close attention and condemnation from the outside.

Feeding the dolphin promises new acquaintances and love hobbies.

If you are keen friends with the dolphin, a new friend is waiting for you, which will become an essential part of your life and inner peace.

For a child, a dream involving dolphins predicts new acquaintances and unusual friendships. Perhaps, it will be friends on interests in some circles or sports sections.

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