A dream in which you drawing meaning a feeling of “your self” in society. In other words, such a dream shows how comfortable you feel among people. But, depending on the details of the dream, the interpretation may vary.

To contemplate a drawing in the dream presages to receive a letter from a secret person.

If you donate your drawing to someone, it means that you have a strong dependence on the opinions of close people. Remember who you gave the picture to and try not to succumb to excessive influence. The same promises a dream, where you took as a gift someone’s drawing.

Burn drawing in a dream is a sign of constancy. In the future, you will enjoy a peaceful and happy life.

To dream of a friend who is depicted in a portrait, in reality, predicts an accidental encounter with him. For a woman to see the picture of a loved one is a good sign. Soon there will be a proposal to create a family.

A dream where you learn to draw a still life, speaks about your popularity among friends.

If you look from the outside to the drawing person, you can expect a material increase in your pocket and warm relations in the family.

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A dream in which you draw something symbolizes your successful cheating. Beware, if you draw scribbles, soon the truth will come out, and deception will reveal itself.

To dream about your portrait means to be someone’s favorite.

Watch the portraits of entire strangers is a sign to meet new acquaintances. Whether they are pleasant or not depends on your attitude towards pictures in a dream.

If in a dream you saw your picture in a well-known publication, then, in reality, you can expect career growth and success in business, which will remain for a long time.

The dream in which you see the landscape, predicts expensive purchases. It will bring you pleasure and distraction from everyday affairs.

Dreamed that you are posing for a portrait to someone, predicts good news about the next addition to the family.

A lot of drawings around you talk about a lot of small joys. It will make you feel happy for a long time.

If you are painting a religious painting or an icon in a dream, in life, you are too focused on the idol. This person will disappoint you soon, and there will be the only indignation. It is worthwhile now to open wide eyes and use the opinion of friends to understand the situation. It will help you survive the overthrow of your idol much easier.

drawing dream meaning, dream about drawing, drawing dream interpretation, seeing in a dream drawing

Drawing on the wall in the dream warns you about inattention. You miss an important event, fixated on small things.

Watch how little children paint with chalk on the ground is a symbol of your advantage overtime in front of competitors. It is not as high as one would like and should not relax. To quickly solve the current questions, remember what it was in the dream that the children painted, this will help you to determine the correct answer.

A tattoo on your skin predicts a long separation from your family. Tune inappropriately and take care of the nerve cells. If the tattoo is on another person, it speaks of the scandalous jealousy of a loved one. Do not give in to provocation and do not get involved in quarrels with your loved one. The dream in which you beat the tattoo, promises a break in relations with friends because of your rude behavior.

To dream of caricatures or cartoons is a symbol of a pleasant pastime. You are waiting for a break from the every day and working boredom for jokes and a five-minute laugh.

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