Common dreams - snakes

Dreams, involving snakes are one of the most common dreams that people have. So, what do they really mean?


Jane tells her dream:

"I always dream about a snake. For example, I am walking along the road and then I feel that the surface under my feet is moving, I look below and see the carpet of black and white snakes. I am horrified and start screaming.

Or another dream of this kind: I get a live snake as a birthday gift from my friend.

And recently I dreamed that I struggle with the snake, which is almost the same size as me. I start to push her away from me and then I start to shout loudly, try to scare her off. Then I realise that snakes are deaf.

And I woke up; my fingers are still curled up as I was grabbing the snake. I am not so much afraid of snakes but why are they always in my dreams? "

snakes in a dream


"Snakes are frequent guests of our dreams.

Apparently, the nature of our sleep, which is fluid and elusive, is close to snake’s nature.

Like other symbols, the snake does not point to something unique and collects a lot of symbols and meanings.

 Let us recall some of them.

 The snake is a threat: it can cause harm by biting and poison or strangle poison in a deadly embrace. But at the same time the snake is a symbol of immortality, since it discards its old skin and reborn again.  Snake venom can be fatal, but it makes lifesaving drugs.

The snake is a cunning and seductive symbol like the serpent of the Bible. But at the same time, the snake is a symbol of wisdom; in the tales the snakes often help the heroes.

 Snakes are archaic, cold blooded and primitive. But at the same time, they are warm and alive as our inner energy that yogis call "snake kundalini"

 Snake directly associated with the male phallus and power and at the same time, it is an ancient symbol of feminine energy of the Mother Earth.

 According to Egyptian legend, the goddess Isis, the patroness of femininity and motherhood, has decided to take over the secret name of the supreme God Ra to become the mistress of heaven and earth. She takes a snake from the road, the snake is  blinded  from clay and saliva of the God Ra. Snake bites Ra, and he is trying to get rid of the unbearable pain, gives his name to Isis and loses his  power.

 Now, after little insights on the symbolism, let’s go back to the dream.

snake dream interpretation


It is good that Jane is not afraid of snakes awake. But if something strongly appears in the dreams, it has to be treated as an important part of the psyche.

We usually run from unpleasant characters or join with them to fight for life and death.  This means that we are trying to get rid of those parts of ourselves that we do not want to have anything to do with because we are ashamed or afraid of them.

What to do?  Try to accept your inner snake. Try to get connected with her tremendous energy, which you are depriving yourself while fighting with her.

 Talk to your dream snake. Close your eyes, go to sleep and asked her, "What do you want from me, why do you come to me?"  You may get unexpected help and answer. Also try to feed her, it can be useful sometimes.

 If you talk to her and feed her symbolically, it may become your internal advocate and protector. Then you connect to the ancient feminine wisdom, lost for thousands of years of patriarchal culture.

In any case, it is important to accept and try to love the variety of creatures that inhabit our unconscious, by joining with them we can truly become very holistic creatures.

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