Types of Dreams

DaydreamingDay Dreams
Day Dreams are referred as state of consciousness between sleep and wakefulness.
Normally we experience day dreaming in the morning, when we are awake but still let our imagination carry us away in the dreaming fantasies. Our mind starts to wander and it is so easy to loose yourself in the imaginary world.

False awakening dreams
Do you remember the cold winter morning when you need to get up when it is still dark outside? Or you have been getting up at crazy 5 o’clock in the morning for the last few days and today is on those days again? Your body is still in the warm bed but in your thought you are already up and getting ready for school, work. And when you hear your mum saying to you: It is time to get up! And you honestly believe that you are already putting up your coat and hat on and ready to leave the house! What is she talking about? And only when you wake up again you realise that it just happened in a dream.

Lucid Dreams
A good example of lucid dreaming can be seen in the movies “Vanilla Sky”, “Inception” and “Matrix” of course. Lucid Dreams is a state of mind when you live in your dream, become an actively participate in your own dreams, make decisions and influence on the outcome of the dream. Some dreamers improve the skill to stay in the lucid state of dreaming. It is quite fascinating.

Prophetic dreams
Prophetic or precognitive or physic dreams. It is quite a rare type of dreaming, this type of dreams that seemingly foretell the future.
There are rational theories that explain the phenomenon of prophetic dreams, the theory says that the mind observe the bits of information in real life and put it all together when we normally would not notice in real life or we do not consider them as important. But those who experience the prophetic dreams are more likely to consider them as prophetic dreams from God. If you think that you have been given a gift or a taught or a life lesson do not ignore it, write it down and make it a part of your conscious reality.

Recurring dreams
Recurring dreams recur, as simple as that. Normally we would dream the recurring dreams when there is conflict in real life that remains unresolved or ignored, and our mind brings us back to that problem again and again, until we do something about it in real life.

Healing Dreams
Healing dreams are some kind of prophetic dreams. It is the time when your body speaks to your mind in your sleep. And body sends signals to your body about health issues that you might not experience in real life yet. If you can interpret the language of healing dreams, your dreams will play a valuable role in keeping your health.

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