If you dreamed of sweet and juicy dried apricots, there is a pleasant event ahead of you. For the male half, this can result in an astonishing acquaintance. However, do not place high hopes on him, a woman will leave a profound mark on your heart, but she will not be able to hold her near him. For a girl, this dream is not just a harbinger of good impressions, but also a reflection of the alluring appearance and manners. By focusing on your sexuality, it will be easy for you to get acquainted with the person of interest.
If you dreamed about how someone else eats dried apricot, you risk running into the dismissive and even hostile attitude of others around you. Try not to attract too much attention and stay away from the epicenter of events.

If you dreamed that eating beautifully dried apricots with great pleasure, in fact, you could get much more from a new acquaintance than you expect. Easy flirting and meaningless communication will tighten you with your head. Such a turn of events may well lead to marriage. Also, this dream reflects hidden heart disease. In order not to be in the hospital ward, check your health well in advance.

If you dreamed that you are stealing dried apricots, you should expect big trouble. Your behavior can lead to difficulties in communicating with others. Try to show as much tactfulness and correct attitude to people as possible.

If you dreamed of buying dried apricots, then luck will accompany in all endeavors. You can count on a smile of fortune, as in daily trivia, and in new enterprises. Use this chance to resolve all contentious issues. In this case, the more apricots you have acquired in a dream, the longer the run of luck will last.

If you dreamed that laying out a lot of beautiful fruits on the counter for sale, this heralds a meeting with old friends. You can have a good time and relax your soul. Do not deny yourself this pleasure.
If you dreamed of stale dried apricots, do not act lightly. Such a dream will only bring loss and disappointment. Do not commit risky actions and refuse significant acquisitions shortly.
If the apricot dreamed a person in old age,┬áthis person┬áneeds to pay attention to his character and relationships with surrounding people. It’s time to establish a permanent life and stop arguing over trifles, squabbles will only harm life in general.

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