If you dream about drugs, it means that you have significant emotional needs that are as yet unmet. You may find yourself being addicted to the feelings and harmful habits you have.
It could be a sign of things such as addiction to pornography, masturbation, power, money, physical attraction, gambling, and others. Drugs dream meaning signifies that you may find yourself enjoying advantages gained through artificial means.
You are experiencing an entirely dangerous compulsion to feel good.

If you dream about a drug-induced high, then it means that you are engaging dangerously excessively in specific behaviors. Your extreme action may have already come to your attention. It could also be a sign that you are addicted to power or pleasure.

Another explanation for this dream is that you are becoming obsessed with your harmful habits because you think there are no consequences.

drugs dream meaning

If you dream of a drug overdose, it means that you have too much pleasure or enjoyment. You may also have much anger causing you issues. You may have gone too far with something and embarrassed yourself because of it. It shows that you have difficulty with willpower or self-control. You cross the limits, and your desire to feel good destroys your positivity. You need to change your life for the better significantly.

If you dream about someone else getting high, then it may mean that you think those people are choosing to act dangerously or react to things in excess. You think they are ignoring common sense and making terrible decisions. You may feel that this person or yourself are acting in a way that is destructive to your lives.

If you dream about drugs that can be prescribed, then it may be a sign of the feelings and thoughts that you should maintain to help you overcome an adverse circumstance. You may be deliberately steering clear of habits that are risky.

Example: In a man’s dream, someone accused him of being on drugs. In reality, he had been charged with unlawful containment because he had detained a robber in his home. The dream may have been a reflection that he felt wrongfully accused.

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