Evening Dream Meaning

evening dream meaning

If you had the dream of an evening walk with a nice person, loneliness will move aside and give way to romantic affection in reality. When you are a couple, in reality, you can feel the old lights of passion. …

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Enemy Dream Meaning

enemy dream meaning

If you had the dream about an enemy, in reality, you can overcome all the obstacles on the way to the goal. Despite the meanness of others, you will find a way to solve all the difficulties in the shortest …

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Egypt Dream Meaning

Egypt dream meaning

If you had a dream about Egypt and you see yourself climbing up the Egyptian pyramid, it speaks of a lonely journey. You will be able to find a way to fulfill your secret desires and embody the most intimate …

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Eclipse Dream Meaning

To dream of an eclipse of the sun indicates self-doubt and fears of not achieving your goals. You can feel that your abilities are being underestimated and you have lost your confidence. You may be undergoing some difficult times and …

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Eyes Dream Meaning

Eyes do not lie, as they reflect the human soul. A dream where there are bright eyes, tells about the attitude of others and open your inner world. Own tears in a dream portend fresh, positive impressions. The ordinary routine …

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Exam Dream Meaning

In interpreting this dream, the most important criteria will be your emotions and actions. Perhaps, you are persistent and exert all forces to pass the exam or, on the contrary, you fail before the first difficulties. This reflects the outcome …

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Escalator Dream Meaning

The dream where you go down the elevator, speaks of your high self-esteem. Most likely, it seems to you that the single success has forever proved leadership positions and you should not continue to work on your self-development. This is …

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Elephant Dream Meaning

elephant dream meaning, dream about elephant, elephant dream interpretation, seeing in a dream elephant

The meaning of a dream about an elephant depends on its details. In general, this animal is a sign of wisdom, of high physical and moral strength. Therefore, the interpretation of this dream is often positive. And foreshadows a warm …

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