Earthquake Dream Meaning

The meaning of the dream about the earthquake this is the projection of your life fears on dreams. This natural disaster is equated with a massive catastrophe, and it cannot be handled alone. Unexpected, all-consuming avalanche is beyond the strength of the weak. Your emotions reflect in this dream the ability to withstand the blows of fate.

If you dream of an earthquake, it represents that you can be experiencing situations threatening your life stability. The dream highlights your fears and sense of helplessness. If you find cover from the quake, you will overcome these challenges.

If you become trapped during the quake, you may suffer some sort of loss in your life. However, if you escape from the quake, in real life you will overcome all the difficulties.

For women, dreaming of an earthquake foretells a painful separation from a lover. Also, such a dream promises troubles in a career and family life.

A dream where you see an earthquake from the side reflects a fear in real life that you experience facing severe and trivial problems. It is better to abandon fateful decisions for some time and postpone them until better times. Now any of the options will be harmful to you and will not bring anything good.

To feel in a dream that an earthquake has begun means that you will endure the next storm in life without fear.

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If you see the earthquake in a dream, it is also a symbol of your own complexities. If on the eve of such a dream, because of your fear of being ridiculed, you denied yourself in pleasure, then this dream projects a suppressed desire.  Your fears destroy everything around you and leave yourself unrealized, and it takes up all thoughts, and you cannot concentrate on anything specific. In life, you just need to relax and give your needs to overcome the fears. In this case, the best option is to merge with the elements, let it bring pleasure and joy. Thus, overcome their complexes.

If you are dreaming about not just an earthquake, but also a distinct feeling, how your feet lose firm ground, this promises a problematic choice shortly. It may be necessary to abandon a loved one to help a friend.

If in a dream you help to eliminate the consequences of an earthquake, then, in reality, you should pay attention to the surrounding people. Some of them are incredibly in need of your participation, but maybe hesitate to say this.

If in a dream, during an earthquake disaster, a person has fallen, this predicts for the injured misfortune and loss for an extended period. This person needs to prepare for the limits of failure and be as careful as possible. You cannot take any rash decisions; the fewer life or commercial projects you are implementing in life, the more chances of whistling risk to a minimum.

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