Egg Dream Meaning

Egg in a dream has a different meaning. It all depends on your feelings in a dream, egg size and many other factors. It is worth remembering all the details for the correct interpretation.

To dream of the eggs is a sign of anxiety in the home. If you had this dream in springtime, then a new person will enter your life, it will become part of the family. It can also mean the visit from the guest you least expect.

If you break eggs in a dream, this indicates that you are unable to conclude things in time. You are unable to fulfill the tasks due to your laziness and carelessness. This heralds the loss of money and squabbles in the family. For a woman, such a dream speaks of a complicated pregnancy; perhaps she will end up with a miscarriage.

A dream with an empty eggshell is a sign of the end of life. The past has perished forever. We must seize the opportunity and breathe fully into the future.

When you dream that you have taken down a golden egg, then in life you should expect a sudden source of enrichment. Maybe it will be a lottery ticket or a talented thought that has come.

If you are overly protective of an egg in a dream, small and bustling troubles await you.

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Raw eggs carry a different meaning of dreams, depending on the size of the egg. If you see small eggs in the dreams, so it foretells about getting something new: profit, position, or family growth. Large eggs speak of a strong dependence on the fate. No matter how hard you try, shortly you will not be able to change your destiny.

Boiled eggs predict intrigues and slander in your address. If you ate these eggs in a dream, you could overcome the situation with a positive account in reality.

If you are sprinkled or covered with eggshell in a dream, it represents isolation. In life you are not able to open up new horizons of thought, there is no flight of imagination. You are limited to the look of this very shell. It is worth letting new and bright ideas in your inner horizons.

Many fresh chicken eggs promise the birth of successful plans and enterprises. If eggs are foul, it is worth waiting for failures in all endeavors.

A dream in which chickens are hatched out of eggs, speaks of the dominant forcing of obstacles and cases with concomitant success. If a pregnant woman dreams of hatching chickens, she can expect mild labor at birth.
Hatching eggs in a dream personifies a target waiting. We will have to wait until the fulfillment of the assigned tasks.

egg dream meaning, dream about egg, egg dream interpretation, seeing in a dream egg

The dream in which you found a nest or basket with eggs, speaks of sudden wealth or materially successful marriage.

To serve someone with eggs or a meal made with eggs portends early appearance of a fateful person in your life. It will turn life upside down, and make you look at it from a different angle.

A dream where the pike sits on eggs, speaks of excessive enthusiasm of your fantasies. You must have forgotten all the thoughts behind what the reality looks like. It is worth focusing on the surrounding truth, so that life does not pass by.

If in a dream you experience negative emotions to the egg and do not know what is inside, then, in reality, it is necessary to beware of dangers.

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