In real life, the eagle is the king among the birds. Predatory and robust he towers over the rest, killing prey to please himself. Depending on how you designate yourself with an eagle in a dream, in life, the role of the victim or of the attacker is waiting for you.

If you see a high soaring eagle in your dream means that in real life, your desire to reach the heights will be realized. A dream, in which you see that far away the eagle sits on a top of the mountain, means that you will achieve wealth, fame and high social status.

If in your dream you see the eagle’s nestlings in the nest, is a sign that you will be able to make contact with influential people whose advice will help you achieve high goals in life.

Kill and eat an eagle in a dream represents that in reality, nothing can misroute you. Your success is based only on your willpower.

The eagle hovering over you predicts difficulties and battles when achieving the set goals. With due persistence, they will be overcome.

A dream in which you follow a highflying eagle will bring prosperity and fulfillment of desires, even the silliest ones.
The eagle from the dream drives its wings from the very tops of the fortunes to your feet.

If in a dream you kill an eagle, it is a reflection of unbending determination and readiness; nothing will stop you from achieving your goals. Perhaps you have already made a fateful decision that will bring the desired but will harm others.

If in a dream, someone kills the eagle, it means that this person will take away the prosperity earned by your work and skill. This person will bring good luck from under the nose.

If you fly on the back of an eagle in a dream, it will open new horizons in life; it will allow counting the events a few steps forward. Another dream interpretation promises a journey, useful for a career.

If in a dream an eagle holds a prey in its claws, this indicates that you have a strong and powerful benefactor. Eagle with a prey promises a positive future for financial affairs.

If you see a nest with eaglets, this foretells the beginning of strained relations in business circles. This is the birth of powerful and influential commercial ties.

The eagle, killing the chicks from the neighboring nest, foretells the meanness and hypocrisy on the part of a close friend. You need to pay close attention to people around you to find a liar.

If you dream of a wounded eagle, it is a sign of future difficulties and close troubles. Your work is under threat; there is a great chance to fall and slide down the career ladder to the very bottom. Also, such dream promises significant expenses and material losses. Perhaps, you will be robbed, or you will lose an expensive thing or a large sum of money.

If in a dream the eagle sits in a cage, then in real life you will encounter arrogant attitude from the boss who will disregard your work and merits.

Screaming eagle means that you will get advice from a remarkable person. This advice should not be neglected. It will bring rapid resolutions of serious problems, bring financial and career growth, will play a decisive role in the life situation.

The dead eagle symbolizes the suspension in the development of affairs. Dreams and plans will crumble, business will lose its general stability, and you may have severe losses. All life will go awry, gaining momentum of trouble, like a snowball.

The falling eagle in a dream carries terrible news. If you dream of the falling eagle, you should avoid getting involved in dubious adventures. It is better to think a hundred times before making any decision. This dream also predicts a decline in strength and a loss of former energy. The best option is to take a timeout and allow yourself to rest; this will bring your thoughts in order.

The eagle that flies into the window carries fresh thoughts and ideas. Your business is waiting for success. All plans are implemented with precision, as it was intended.

If a sick person sees an eagle in a dream, then this predicts a speedy recovery and a complete recovery of health.

If in a dream an eagle brings something into the nest, then in life it will bring prosperity and well-being. If a young woman sees such a dream, it predicts a marriage with a wealthy man.

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