To dream of an eclipse of the sun indicates self-doubt and fears of not achieving your goals. You can feel that your abilities are being underestimated and you have lost your confidence. You may be undergoing some difficult times and unable to remain optimistic.

Dream of the solar eclipse predicts a significant loss and sorrow, a lunar eclipse is a sign of minor upsets in the nearest future.

If you had the dream about the end of an eclipse, and a dark disk freed the sunlight, such a dream may predict joy and happiness that will settle in your soul. Pleasant events will happen one after another and make you smile constantly.

The dream in which a storm broke out during the eclipse, can foretell that life literally breaks the changes. If you were experiencing troubles and scandals, this will end and your life will turn into a beautiful future. 

If you had dream of a lunar eclipse that plunged the Earth into total darkness, such a dream may predict sadness and sorrow within your soul. These feelings will not be justified and will be just a part of existence. This state is also useful: after such a state, the joy from the simplest things is felt much more strongly.

eclipse dream meaning

The dream in which the lunar eclipse occurred at dawn, warns of a great disappointment. The person you fully rely on will not justify trust. Try not to share personal information with anyone and not ask anyone for help in the near future.

If you had a dream that the lunar eclipse lasts a very long time and is not going to end, such a dream suggests, that there is a period of sadness and tears ahead. Difficulties and failures will drive you depressed, and it will be very difficult to cope with what is happening alone. Ask for help from family and friends.

The dream in which you are in the middle of the desert and a sandstorm eclipsed by the sun, suggests that your health is seriously threatened. Try to avoid places of large congestion of people and try to stay warm.
If you had a dream that an eclipse occurred because of a catastrophe at a certain plant, be careful on the road. Double look on the sides before stepping onto the roadway, and strictly follow all the rules of the road while driving.

The dream of a partial eclipse of the left or right side of the sun, prophesies there is no need to hope for financial success. You will not be able to earn a lot of money, but there is no need to wait for losses either.

solar eclipse dream meaning

If you had the dream of a partial solar eclipse of the lower part of the disk, it warns you about big financial troubles and bankruptcy. Refuse to participate in transactions and postpone the signing of contracts until better times.

The dream of an eclipse of the upper part of the Sun, suggests that success is waiting for your in financial situations.Perhaps you will receive a bonus from the leadership or win the lottery.

If a woman sees the eclipse of the Moon, that symbolizes the fact that her feminine side is being overshadowed. Or it may mean that some hidden aspect of her is coming up to the surface.

To dream that the solar eclipse has passed, foretells the new light and knowledge. You need to look at a problem from a different perspective.

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