The cliff from the dream symbolizes the end of the life stage. All attempts to continue the old business will collapse into an abyss and will not have a result.

The dream, which offers a beautiful view from the cliff, predicts a difficult choice ahead. Your future will depend on your decision and all further life. To understand the underlying cause of sleep, you need to remember your emotions and feelings when looking into the distance.

The cliff, towering next to the precipice, and the rivers with crystal clear waters foreshadow a change of circumstances for the better. You will be able to mitigate the outcome of enterprises and correct their shortcomings. It is possible only with well thought out actions.

If you walk along the edge of the cliff above the big water, then the conceived requires extraordinary and risky measures. When you jumped from the rock into the water and remained unharmed – everything will turn out and bring the desired result.

The road, which is seen from the cliff, tells that you will find the right way for the fulfillment of your plans. Do not wait for smooth results, you will have to put a lot of your forces and time. If you jumped on the road in a dream, in real life the confidence in yourself and your decisions will help to achieve what you want.

When you get to the cliff at the end of the road, you are on, prepare for unexpected turns in business. All these events will completely change your life and views on it.

A dream, where you fell into a dark abyss from a cliff, warns of a difficult financial situation. You are vitally important to be careful about money and the chances of earning money. Think carefully about each step and do not go to undue risk.

If you felt in a dream, how someone pushed you from a cliff, you should not try to defeat your enemies alone. Enlist the support of friends and family; this will increase the chances of success.

Fall from the cliff and immediately soar into the sky, like a bird, is a sign of natural overcoming difficulties. Do not worry, having met obstacles along the way, and you will undoubtedly find a way to bring all the affairs to an end without losses and efforts.

To sit in a dream on the edge of a cliff in a tense state of turmoil is a symbol of doubtful doubts. In reality, you will take a risky step and commit acts unusual for the character. Have the courage to get out of the comfort zone: this will bring a dizzying result.

When you dream that stones fall from the rock, friends or relatives desperately need your help. Do not wait for a request from a person, independently offer your support.

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