If you had the dream about an enemy, in reality, you can overcome all the obstacles on the way to the goal. Despite the meanness of others, you will find a way to solve all the difficulties in the shortest time. An enemy dream can predict serious conflicts in real life. You will have to defend yourself from the accusations and attacks of the malignant. Refusing to fight, stepping aside, you can lose a lot.

If you had a dream about a girl with whom you are at war, this indicates an internal struggle. In reality, you are trying to reconcile with the shortcomings of a loved one, having broken your character. Having managed to cope with emotions, you will get the opportunity to look at the relationship with this person differently.

If you dream that you see your enemy in tears, suggests of an unconditional victory over the enemies. It is likely that this person will want to stop senseless scandals and confrontation once and for all.

If you had a dream about a foe who came to apologize, this heralds a truce with internal demons. You can accept your shortcomings and “catch a wave” of spiritual balance. The same is the dream interpretation, where you managed to kill your enemy.

enemy dream meaning

If you had a dream about the house of the enemy, you will soon have to enter into open conflict with this person. When you have to participate in a dispute, keep calm and tactful, this will help to win and will be a pleasant bonus to your reputation in the eyes of others.

The dream in which you are hiding from your own enemies, in reality, you feel tired and exhausted, fatigue takes over your body. Too much emotional stress makes you constantly tense. Relax and do not take everything too much to heart.

The dream in which you had a quiet conversation with the enemy, portends that life expects outbursts of anger, minor conflicts and skirmishes. Stay in the shadows and do not get into other people’s conflicts.

The dream about kissing your enemy, in reality suggests you can breathe in full. The stars foreshadow the beginning of a new life stage, in which there will be no room for old grievances and sorrows.

The dream in which you beat your enemy, suggests, in reality, you will be mentally exhausted to the extreme. You do not have enough moral strength to invest in work life in order to keep the spirit alive.

enemy dream meaning

If you had a dream of the death of the enemy, in reality, you can achieve incredible success in business and leave the enemies far behind you. Do not get too overwhelmed with success, otherwise, you risk losing control over the situation.

The dream in which you have established friendly relations with the enemy, suggests you will meet a wolf in sheep’s skin. The best defense, in this case, is to constantly monitor changes in life situations. Any discrepancy should become a warning sign for you and you can change your way around it. Only in this way you can avoid troubles.

If you had a dream that the enemy is smiling in the face, wait for difficulties in life. You will be deceived by false compliments and a proposal for a truce. Be careful and do not trust anyone not to be “with your nose.”

The dream of one of the old enemies, in reality, suggests you risk going back to the “old rake”. Try not to repeat previous mistakes and not trust people who have already betrayed you once.

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