The dream of an ex-boyfriend, suggests the past will surely catch up. Maybe a colleague from an old job or an old friend will invite you to coffee, or maybe the former one will appear on the doorstep of the house. Such a dream is a harbinger of a good flow of affairs and pleasant memories in life.

If you had a dream in which you renewed a relationship with an ex-boyfriend, quite possible this can happen in reality. Just do not expect that everything will turn out differently.

The dream of an intimate relationship with an ex-boyfriend, suggests you should learn to control yourself. Nervous state and excessive temper will cause many troubles and spoil relations with others.

A dream in which you kiss with an ex-boyfriend, predicts to tune into a new love adventure. Unexpected acquaintance and easy communication will turn into deep feelings with continuation.

If you had a dream that you are trying to beat the ex-boyfriend, it indicates a dependence on the past. You are too attached to old memories and thoughts. The subconscious mind, therefore, tries to remind you that the reason for your parting still exists, and the circumstances of the severance of relations remain relevant to this day.

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