In interpreting this dream, the most important criteria will be your emotions and actions. Perhaps, you are persistent and exert all forces to pass the exam or, on the contrary, you fail before the first difficulties. This reflects the outcome of the struggle that you have in real life.

To shiver and fell confusion before the exam in a dream means that in life you do not dare to realize your fantasies and aspirations. It does not matter what area of life they are. The desire to disrupt the cherished fruit inevitably attracts you, but fear runs ahead.

If you dreamed that you got a good grade for the exam, it gives a desire to look successful and smart in the eyes of a loved one. For the sake of this possibility, your subconscious mind is ready for anything.

A dream with a bad mark for the exam carries with it an inner desire to boast of personal successes and successes in the field of love.

The dream in which you pass the exam shows that someone from close people needs help and support. Do not stay away, your participation and assistance will bring good results.

If you take an exam from someone, then in life you are an experienced person on the topic of this exam. However, do not get too bogged down: sharp criticism in life situations can only do much harm. Perhaps, if you are holding a leadership position, means that you are unjustly condemned, someone.

A dream where you are not ready for the exam, late for it or you cannot find an audience, speaks of concern with the opinion of the surrounding people. This dependence is unnecessarily pressing in real life and does not allow to relax in a dream. Every second you try to meet other people’s social standards to earn praise and forget to give yourself a rest.

Preparation for the exam in a dream reflects the essential approaching event in life. You spend mental energy while you are waking and showing a painful enthusiasm, and the subconscious cannot get rid of these thoughts during the rest.

If a school final exam is a dream for an adult, it predicts vain anxieties and useless activities.

The dream in which you pass a special examination (for example, on professional activity), then it is connected with the forthcoming difficulties in your work environment.

A dream, in which one of your parents examines you, means a lack of their support in life. Perhaps, in reality, you really want their full approval in making decisions; however, they are not in a hurry to provide it.

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