Eyes do not lie, as they reflect the human soul.

A dream where there are bright eyes, tells about the attitude of others and open your inner world.

Own tears in a dream portend fresh, positive impressions. The ordinary routine will shake off, and a new taste of life will appear.

To see the eyes in a dream is a sign of evil intentions. Someone tries to follow you to find a vulnerable place and have a weapon against you.

If you see brown eyes in a dream, then it is worth waiting for treachery and betrayal from the surrounding people.

A dream in which a blue-eyed man looks at you, promises doubts about your abilities. It can ruin your plans. Gray eyes will bring anxiety and fear to life.

The dream in which you lost your eyes, or they were exposed to the disease, speaks of many anxious and dreary worries in reality. It also foretells in vain monotonous work.

If you have met a one-eyed person in a dream, you need to prepare for the fate of misfortunes in life.

A dream, where the glance is blurred, will bring you losses, the dishonesty of associates and all sorts of troubles. The worse you see in a dream, the stronger will be the woes in reality. A clear glance promises success and ability in time to consider detractors.

If in a dream, you puncture someone’s eyes, it is a bad omen. This is the projection of your offensive actions. You do not give people the opportunity to know you and make friends, thereby making enemies.

When in the dream your eyes are blindfolded, it means that in life you also move to the touch. You are surrounded by malicious intentions. Miss the situation and nothing will help. You cannot blindly trust the words and smiles of other people.

A dream with beautiful eyes that do not belong to anyone will bring positive changes to life. If they are slanting, this heralds a grand financial success.

A dream, where you have a third eye, speaks of an actively developed sixth sense. It is worth listening to your intuition more often. Such a dream can herald an early pregnancy.

If you dreamed of an animal’s eyes, it symbolizes your selfishness and brutal cruelty. You need to pay attention to your behavior and what impression it makes on people.

Dreams, where you have eyes on your hands, promises an unexpected receipt of money. They will be for the future and bring joy.

To see the eyes burning in the dark means, there is a compelling enemy that you do not notice. However, he is watching you closely and waiting. If the eyes approach you, then you should beware of the trap. The next two weeks will be decisive. When the eyes, on the contrary, are removed, then this is a good sign. You will unravel the opponent’s plans before he can hurt. This will weaken him and leave no chance for victory.

If you screw your eyes in a dream, you may have done a shameful act in real life, and now the fear of exposure is persistent. When someone squints in your direction, it means that you are suspected of something reprehensible.

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