Father Dream Meaning

If you have a dream about your father, it speaks of inauspicious troubles and problems. He tries to save you from rash acts by his appearance. Most likely, to solve all the difficulties you will need the wise advice of a more experienced person. Without such parting words, there is no certainty of a positive outcome.

For a woman who is going to get married, seeing a father in a dream means that she has chosen an unsuitable partner for life. It is worth to look closely at him.

Talking with your father in a dream is a good sign, it promises joy and prosperity in life. The more fun conversation you have with your father, the better is your business.

If in a dream you are arguing with your father, you can expect a breakdown, disappointment and complex situations. You have to be very careful in your work life and personal affairs. When a quarrel is supplemented with broken objects, it predicts a significant loss in real life.

A dream in which the father is sick presages the receipt of property.

A dying father symbolizes your conscience. The shame that you feel for a wrong action in your life and your subconscious reminds you of it. Sincere repentance yearns to find a way out and forgiveness.

If in a dream the father appeared before you in a rough form, drunk or rumpled, then in life there is a threat to your well-being or mental state. Maybe soon you will learn about treason, or you may catch a cold.

If in your dream you see that your dad died, this predicts trouble shortly. Restraining the impulses of your nature and unbridled temper is necessary.

If on the contrary, the deceased father dreamed alive, it is worth waiting for an improvement in the life situation. The advice that he gives in a dream will significantly help in life, try to remember every word he said and follow his instructions.

When you see a father and mother together in a dream, it promises happiness in married life, luck, and material prosperity.

A dream in which you became a father also speaks of a happy marriage, either in the present or the future.

To see the godfather or to be one predicts the receipt of something new, it can be an obligation or a gift.

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