Fight Dream Meaning

Fighting is a part of existence. Each of us fights for various things throughout the life, we either fight against injustice, and we fight for better conditions or just to survive.

The opponent of the dream personifies the vital factors that you resist. It can be a specific person, a whole society, bad habits or influential people.

If you fight with someone in a dream, then in real life wait for the battle for a place under the sun. We will have to try very hard at catching luck in business or winning someone else’s love will not be so easy. You will have to use smartness and cunning, so that you do not suffer in this fight and, perhaps, will not suffer any losses.

Watching the struggle from the side in a dream, in real life means doubts that you try to solve. You must carefully weigh the pros and cons before making the final decisions.Moreover, this dream can talk about aimlessly spent time, personal resources and a waste of money. You need to focus on what you are doing in life, and maybe you will find a more worthy and profitable application for your life resources.

Defeating the enemy in the fight promises the resolution of any conflicts in your favor. The fluctuations will turn into confidence, let go of the feeling of helplessness, and the beloved person will reciprocate. Here you need to pay attention to what you did to win in a dream, how you behaved. The same techniques can be used in reality, and they will be beneficial.

If you were injured during a fight in a dream, this portends a wounded ego shortly. Do not give too much importance to random phrases, so as not to waste time on self-pity.

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