Fire Dream Meaning

If you dream a safe flame that gives light and warmth (for example, in the hearth or fireplace), it means that you control the course of your life entirely. Taking clear and correct decisions, you quickly approach your goals.

The fire symbolizes dangerous actions that ruin your life. You need to temper the ardor and look around. Perhaps you have already managed to harm yourself and others. Stop your fervor before it’s too late.

Burn in a dream or see someone burning reflects the scorched field of your soul. Desires are gradually dying under the pressure of circumstances.

Basking by the fire in a dream, in nature or at home, is a good sign. It will bring happiness to life, where you can count on the help of loved ones at any moment. Still, this dream can mean a new acquaintance with a warm and cozy person. If at the same time, the heat comes from the fire, you will be overwhelmed by an all-consuming passion. Beware: she is very dangerous.

Fire from a candle or a match presages calmness and constancy, mutual love and quiet joys in family life.

If you dreamed that your home is burning, it speaks of real friends, on whom you can rely. It also promises pride in their own children.

A dream where you kindle fire will bring little pleasures. Whether it’s a long-planned meeting, or often a postponed hike to the museum – now is the time to catch up and do not give up pleasant suggestions. Still, it can mean a big quarrel, the instigator of which you will be.

If you maintain a fire in the stove, it predicts fabulous wealth. When a flame extinguishes in a dream, or it extinguishes itself – wait for trouble from all sides. Also, it promises a meeting with an agitated and nervous person.

When in a dream you touch the fire but do not feel it, it is a good sign. It says that in life you play through all obstacles and catch luck at the tail. Enemies and envious people cannot interfere.

The dream in which the bed burns, foretells a strong illness or even death to someone who usually sleeps in it.

A waste of time and a failed journey is predicted by a dream in which the forest burns. All the attached works will be in vain and will not bring the desired result.

If from the fire there is a dense and bitter smoke, then the fruits of all the labors will have the opposite effect. Do not take hasty, thoughtless decisions. We need to seriously weigh each step shortly.

The dream in which you are pursuing a wandering source of fire, says that someone is trapping and blind trust even to the native people will bring trouble. Do not rely on anyone before personally verifying the veracity of the words.

If in a dream the heavenly bodies (sun, planets, stars) are embraced by fire, then in a difficult situation you will be supported by an influential person.

The fire that swept the river means a long life measured to you. If the mountains are burning, you will experience a dizzying career and success in professional work.

To illuminate a road with a torch or a beacon portends a long journey or success in business, which you will achieve on your own.

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