Fireplace Dream Meaning

The meaning of a dream about the fireplace varied. Usually, the fireplace symbolizes family life. It is essential, the contents of the fire and your attitude towards it.

If you saw from the side in a dream a fireplace or a chimney from it, is a bad sign. It heralds the difficulties and sorrows of life. Also, can bring a severe illness.

A chilled fireplace, where there is no fire and wood, speaks of the devastation in life and the future disappointments.

If there is a fire burning and wood is cracking, it will bring pleasant news and joy. Coal instead of firewood in the fireplace foreshadows warmth and comfort in the family hearth. As well as long mutual love, and respect, home happiness.

A stand near the fireplace, filled with firewood promises strong, long-term relationships with your friends. And stability and cozy permanence of life without sudden jumps.

The dream in which you go down the chimney down will bring misfortune to live. If such a dream had a young girl, then it’s worth to be more careful in your actions. Careless attitude to their reputation will result in condemnation and blame from others. When in a dream you climb up the chimney, you will avoid danger in real life.

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If you dreamed of a large fireplace in the grass, then in life after a long black strip there will come a brilliant time. After long hardships and adversity, finally, happiness will come.

The fireplace, behind which you hide in a dream, speaks of a demanding career choice. Things will go wrong until you find the right solution.

A dream where the fireplace smokes, or you only kindle it predicts a protracted conflict in which you will be drawn. It is necessary to remain calm and not to make hasty conclusions.

If you dream that you are heating your feet near the fire by the fireplace, then life will be exciting and saturated, the desired changes will come.

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