Flight Dream Meaning

Flight symbolizes the desire to get rid of the shackles of gravity, to rush for dreams and push the boundaries of his life. However, not every trip carries a positive charge.

An essential element of a dream is the emotions that you experience from this flight: joy, fear, unpleasant sensation – all this reflects the internal state and allows you to understand better what this dream carries in itself.

So, a high flight in the vast expanse of the sky speaks of too many expectations from life and reality will turn out to be inappropriate. Most likely, it will manifest itself in an unhappy marriage.

To fly low from the ground in a dream is an omen of early health problems and stressful situations. The more items you touch during a flight in an idea, the more difficulties await you in life.

The fall during the flight speaks of broken dreams, hopes, and life itself. This is a warning dream. Taking a closer look at your actions is worthwhile. Otherwise, great misfortune cannot be avoided. To fly up in a dream means the growing turns of life in reality. With due diligence, you are sure to reach the desired heights. If the flight is uneven and goes, then up, then down it portends quarrels and troubled life.

To fly on black wings is a symbol of pursuing troubles and loss of faith in oneself and surrounding people. White wings will bring you a feeling of lightness, freedom and good luck in all matters.

A flight over withered trees and bushes predicts difficult trials and a thorny path to dreams. I’ll have to try very hard to get through the prickly branches without damage.

A dream, where you fly through the air with your loved one, speaks of a lack of attention and communication on his part.

If you see flying birds in a dream, then awake news from distant relatives or friends. The flight of cranes in a dream promises bleak prospects to your wallet. Will have to defend their interests and prove the truth. It takes a lot of physical and mental strength.

A flight over the water reflects the attitude of others towards your person. If the water is muddy and dirty, it is impossible to see the bottom, then in life behind your back are intrigues, and each of the detractors tries to harm. If the waves that are trying to absorb you rise, then beware of the imminent danger from enemies. Transparent water speaks about the friendly spirit of others, reflects peace around.

Fly in a dream above the wreckage of something predicts the anguish of the ruined plans or the end of the relationship.

The bright sun that illuminates your flight promises a favorable resolution of cases. You are in vain worry: the circumstances will improve and warm the soul with warmth.

Flight in a balloon warns that your dreams and desires are as empty as the ball itself. You move away from life, forgetting about the present, taking a great interest in disembodied fantasies.

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