Flower Dream Meaning

Flowers represent the birth of something new or wilting, depending on what period they live.

To dream, a lot of flowers promises joy in life and a period of romance in a relationship. All life will be fragrant and bring pleasant emotions. However, if it is a set of wildflowers or artificial flowers, then in life there will be sadness, grief and, possibly, mourning.

A dream where you walk through the garden among the flowers, talking about new acquisitions and pleasures, meeting with your loved one. If you plant flowers in your garden, it gives nobility, wisdom, and generosity of character.

Withered flowers or those that have withered, will bring illnesses, troubles, parting with dear people.

Dream, where you tear flowers, personifies the desire to know this world, to comprehend its essence. You are probably preoccupied with finding some truth in real life.

White flowers from the dream predict fun, something pure and new (like creating a family). Yellow – promise obstacles and difficulties in their overcoming. Red flowers talk about large-scale enterprises in life. Such as a wedding, a change in the type of activity, a change of residence or great grief. Blue flowers reflect the mystery of the soul and sensitive nature.

If in a dream you decorate your head with flowers, this indicates positive emotions in life. But do not get too involved in them: excessive joy can come out sideways and bring trouble.

Get in a dream a bouquet of fresh flowers promises a new love acquaintance and social changes. If you do not hurry, then this can develop into a genuine feeling and intense love for many years.

Inhale the fragrance of flowers and hug them tightly in a dream, personifies the desire to hide in them from resentment and disappointment. This is a hidden desire to protect from annoying incidents in the beautiful manifestation of nature and find strength there for later life.

Broken flowers are not a good sign. This is the threshold of quick sorrow, the end of the relationship in work or in love. Also, this dream can mean health problems.

Poppee flower is a ┬ásymbol of dreams in real life and other people’s charms. Be wary of someone’s influence, it is well planned to suppress your will and opinion. Lilies of the valley from a dream will bring a new quivering feeling in life. Roses predict happiness in loving relationships, and daisies are small, but lovely and essential joys of life. Narcissuses will show your selfishness and narcissism: it is worth paying attention to your behavior. Try not to attract the views of others unnecessarily, it will only cause condemnation. Chrysanthemums from sleep are advised to get rid of their pride in the name of happiness in love. Lilies talk about the forthcoming marriage and the same rapid loss of family happiness.

When a girl in a dream is given a bouquet of entirely different flowers, in life, she is the object of adoration and worship of many males.

If you shoot flowers that grow on a stone or other not suitable surface, then love will not be mutual. You have to pull yourself together and find a distraction. Only their own strength and desire will help to survive this.

If you water the flowers on the windowsill, then in life there is great joy and pleasure. When the houseplants bloom in a dream, it may portend the loss of someone close to them.

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