Future Dream Meaning

Dreaming about your future often has an indication that points towards the hopes for a better future of the dreamer. Usually, this dream signifies that the dreamer is optimistic and above all realistic about his prospects in the future.

In general, dreams in which the dreamer sees an optimistic picture about the future have a definite meaning, and they often signify that the dreamer will have a substantial increase in his income and renown. Dreams that paint an ugly picture about the future are often a sign of fear for the future.

Dreaming about happenings that are likely to occur shortly in your life signify that you need to be careful of taking a bit too much risk in your professional life. You might be struck by a wave of a healthy optimism that you will lead to increased risk-taking. Financially this dream signifies that you need to take more conservative positions in your dealings.

Dreaming about happenings that are likely years or even decades away (such as you have children or grandchildren) signify that you need to be more open about your inner life and emotional state. Often this dream also points to you having a big secret to keep within you.

Dreaming of things that are far into the future signifies that are in an entirely relaxed emotional state and that you don’t have any internal conflicts of a significant nature.

If you see your future in the dream though not in a way in which you imagine it means that you find your plans for the future to be achievable and reasonable in their scope.

If in the dream you find out that you are in the future while you thought it was the present it means that you will soon hear quite surprising news in real life.

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