This dream personifies prosperity or loss, relationships with others. Historically, it was believed that the food was sent by God, so it was necessary to rejoice in any piece. Previously it was said that strangers become native when they eat from one pot. In the interpretation of the dream, it is essential to consider what and how you eat.

If you dream that eating inedible, then you are not satisfied with the life that you lead. Admittedly it seems that you do not live but exist. The routine of everyday life has tightened and caused apathy. It is necessary to change something, to realize even a small dream and answer the call of your own heart.

To see or overeat food in a dream, predicts a lack of funds and an empty refrigerator. Maybe a lot of guests will unexpectedly come to you and empty all the supplies. If this food is not of interest, but you are squeezed through force, then shortly you will have to take part in an unpleasant business. It is necessary to show a strong-willed character and endurance because, in the end, it will bring a positive result.

When you dreamed that you ate everything from other people’s plates, a problematic and severe event is ahead. It should be carefully prepared for it. A dream, where you greedily absorb food in a dream and can not get enough, it speaks of sexual dissatisfaction. This negatively affects all other parts of life.

If you eat in the process of communicating with other people, presages the receipt of something new. Perhaps you will master a new profession, find it yourself new forces for achievements or meet an interesting person.

The dream in which you give food embodies the desire to gain power over a person. You are hidden or apparently in need of an authoritative position and want to subjugate others.

When you dream that you are cooking, personal life will bring unpleasant surprises. Especially if you are frying a dish in a dream, then there can be no escape from the big scandals.

A dream where a person does not eat, but only touches the food on a plate, says that you will have to work with a newcomer who is not capable of independent actions, and all work will fall on your shoulders. The family will be unhappy with this situation.

Feeding long-dead people in a dream is a bad sign. Such a dream may herald an early death of her own. Trying to feed a starving person in a dream promises sudden troubles with distant relatives. You need to tune in to long-term costs, perhaps empty morally.

If in the dream you had unsalted dinner, and the salt was served after the meal, then, in reality, no one will keep your promises to you. The help of others will be belated and no longer needed, so count only on yourself. It also predicts that unfinished business will overtake you in the past, but will not cause any interest.

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