For family men, a dream in which he does not have legs foretells that his wife does not trust his feelings. Your behavior and actions forced your spouse to doubt the veracity of your words.

A young man, who sees himself in a dream without legs, should be prepared for the fact that his plans and enterprises will fail.

If you dream where you broke your leg, portends that you need to be more careful in life. Your position of an over-stubborn person will not bring anything good. You must carefully plan each step and act. Do not think that your opinion is the only true one. Also, this dream can tell you about health problems.

If you dreamed of a relative without legs, it promises a heap of other people’s problems, which you will have to deal with on your own. However, in the end, you will win in this situation.

A dream in which your legs have become crooked is a warning. Do not start risky enterprises; they will not bring the desired result. In the end, you can stay with debts and disappointment.

If you dream about dirty feet, they speak for themselves: you have stepped into something unpleasant. You need to be more careful in the choice that you made.

If in a dream you wipe your feet before entering any house, then, in reality, you can expect a pleasant gift or surprise.

A dream, where you walk barefoot, promises a new love adventure. Should it end or should continue? It all depends only on you.

To lose a leg in a dream means that you probably will miss the best friend that you considered your close person. Moreover, it can be a harbinger of betrayal or loss of someone due to death.

If in your dream, you are kicked, or you kick someone, predicts sudden wealth. If you burned your feet, you should expect fame and recognition.

If in a dream, you stand and look at your feet, then in life you are someone’s support and reinforcement. Do not neglect the sense of duty and do not forget about the responsibility for those people who trust you and rely on your help.

When you dream about a female with long and beautiful feet, you should be alert. Your frivolity and carelessness with the opposite sex can have unpleasant consequences.

If in your dream you see that instead of legs you have wooden support, this predicts that you will find yourself in an awkward position. If you do not want to feel uncomfortable in front of a large audience, oversee your words and actions.

Kissing the legs of another person in a dream, in reality, symbolizes repentance. Pangs of conscience do not leave you alone. If you unjustly offended someone, it is worth to apologize to a person.

If you dream about your legs being entwined with a snake or other poisonous animal, this promises a boring life. It is necessary to make efforts to change this and not allow yourself to languish in idle expectation of improvement. Without your actions, they will not come.

A dream, where you wash your feet in a basin, reflects a miserly nature.

Feeling tickling sensation on your feet is a symbol of flatterers and sycophants surrounding you. If you continue to trust every compliment, you will not notice how your enemies will ruin you.

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