In all fairy tales, foxes are a symbol of cunning and resourcefulness. Dreams with fox participation are considered as a warning of danger. Most often, these dangers are hidden and mean. To dream about a fox foretells that you might be deceived, or you can be put into deliberate delusion.

If you see a fox in a dream and it is far away from you, this predicts the betrayal of a best friend or close relative.

To hunt for a fox in a dream, in real life, presages to contact a risky business. You can later be guilty if it fails or you can stay in debt when the partners run away.

If you dream of a fox who wants to enter the house, then in life you treat everyone friendly and kindly. In reality, someone very envious wants to take your happiness to the mercy of others.

A dream in which a fox is trying to take something from your hands, speaks of the presence of an opponent. It can be a colleague, tagging to your place, competitor or lover of your partner.

To see a small fox in a dream symbolizes cunning in life, but not harmful. Perhaps the child does not tell you everything or friends do not want to offend you with unflattering comments. Playful foxes will bring joy to the house.

When you feed a fox in a dream or leave food for her, you should be aware of your surroundings. You have entrusted the inmost secrets to the wrong person. Even if he does not use them against you on his own, he will tell the enemy who wants to ruin your life.
The dream in which you chase the fox promises you will find out who is your enemy in real life. However, if you do not have time to catch the fox in a dream, it is too late to figure out the opponent’s plans. If you killed a fox in a dream, then your opponents are not dangerous to you, they cannot hurt, no matter how hard they try.

If you dream of a fox sitting in a cage, this symbolizes victory over enemies. In real life, you will be able to notice intrigues around you and prevent them.
If you are a fox in a dream, then in life you adapt well to changing situations and know how to approach the right people.

A dream where a fox chases a hare, predicts the fulfillment of a cherished desire. The closer it is to catch a hare, the sooner the desired will occur.

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