If you have a dream of a former friend, the interpretation depends on the state and place of your friend. If in your hope he is healthy and robust, then very soon you will receive positive news or a gift.

The illness of a former friend reflects the wounds of your soul. You need to let go of the past and enjoy the present. If in a dream you saw yourself next to a former friend in an unfamiliar environment, then, in reality, you can expect difficulties in work and loss of any interest in life.

When a girl dreams of a friend of her young man, the relationship will be long and enjoyable. If in a dream this friend goes away from you, it means significant changes in your personal life, more often in a negative direction.

Seeing a best friend in a dream promises the support in stressful situations. When you look at your friend in an unhealthy state, it will bring bad news. A quarrel with a best friend in a dream personifies the tension of your relationship. You need to talk frankly with him if you want to keep this friendship alive.

A friend who dreamed of wearing white clothes will bring happiness and joy in business. If he is wearing dark clothes, it means a failure in the enterprises and trouble in life.
Old friends in dreams mean that you are trying to rethink life and to find an anchor point.

If in the dream, old friends are in good health, then you are facing positive changes in life. If you dream about the bad news about the well-being of your old friends, then, in reality, it can bring your own undermined health.
If you saw a betrayal of a friend in a dream, then in life, on the contrary, you will have reconciliation with a famous person.

If you dream how your friend dies, this speaks of the forthcoming marriage and happy family life. When you dream a deceased friend, this heralds significant trouble in life, and your dead friend tries to warn you. Try to remember what exactly he told you in a dream and what he advised not to do.

To leave a friend, leaving him alone in a dream is a symbol of parting in real life. Soon you will want to taste new emotions, but a friend will not support you and will have to go on in life without you.

If in a dream a friend climbed onto a high pedestal, this manifests for you the significant achievements and the fulfillment of the planned plans. When he is far below, then you betray friendship because of dizzying successes.

A dream in which you are friends with a stranger will bring a considerable income to your wallet. If at the same time you become aware of your self-interest, do not worry about this, the life should be this way sometimes.

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