Usually, the dream of a frog has a positive meaning. Most often, it concerns your financial well-being. Much depends on the size of the frog and the details of your dream.

If a woman has a dream about a giant frog, this means that she will marry a widowed rich man. The size of a frog at the same time reflects the financial state of the groom. Perhaps he has children from a previous marriage and some health problems. For a married woman, such a dream promises a life full of exciting events.

For men, a dream with a frog foreshadows a meeting with the opposite sex and gossip around this event. It is worth keeping this acquaintance in secret so that it will continue going on.

If in a dream you grab a frog and hold it tightly in your hands, then your health is in great danger. It is necessary to pay attention to your well-being to avoid serious trouble.

To hear in a dream the croaking of a frog predicts enormous losses, grief or experiences. It will bring frustration and tears to your life and family.

A frog that jumps on the road you are walking or driving in a dream, in reality, promises a meeting with a beautiful “prince.” Most likely, your relationship will progress to marriage.

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A dream where you stepped on the frog and crushed it, says that peaceful time in life will soon end. Your life will get to the stage of troubles and disappointments. Stay strong and do not waste your time on unnecessary matters.

If in your dream the frog sits in the water, then this is a good sign. In real life, you will get deserved success and praise. You will get appreciation and respect from your work colleagues.

A frog in the grass will present a pleasant acquaintance, which will prove to be a reliable and robust friendship. In this person, you will find comfort and support in awkward moments. Staying in the swamp frog predicts that you can overcome the misfortunes and troubles in life with the help of friends, but you will produce many efforts towards this as well.

Put the frog in a jug of milk in a dream reflects the resilience of your word. In life, you are a reliable person of a broad soul, not capable of betrayal or stupid acts. Many people around you dream about such a friend.

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A dream, where many frogs are nearby, tells about the stupid “croaking.” Soon you can expect silly quarrels and petty squabbles with close people. Try to be less annoyed and not break down on relatives.

When you dream of a frog in a house that you try to sweep out, it is a bad sign. Such a dream portends the death of someone amongst loved ones.

If a frog or a toad has dreamed of you sitting in a carriage, it predicts a coveted promotion. The more beautiful the coach is, the higher is the post.

To bite a frog in a dream is a symbol of passing acquaintances and the same joys. This type of fun celebrations is essential for your body and soul.

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