Traditionally, if you dream of fruit, it is considered as a reflection of the full life cycle and is a sign of the correct development of the personality.
If you see fresh and fragrant fruit in a dream, then expect happiness in different spheres of life moreover, you can expect growth of mutual love in life.

Rotten fruits speak of the completed stage of being, betrayal or deceit. They also reflect moral fatigue and hidden diseases. It has a bad influence on the quality of life and makes you feel impotent. You need to rest and bring your thoughts in order.
Fruits that ripen in the dream among the green crown predict the birth of a new stage in the present life, a bright future and happiness. It is time to realize your career plans and business qualities.

If you dreamed of ripe fruit lying in a vase, in reality, the efforts spent in the past would finally bear fruit. Even the oldest investments will respond positively.

To eat in a dream delicious ripe fruits promises pleasure and joy. Still, such a dream vision speaks of a calm and measured life in prosperity and well-being. Most likely, you will always be satisfied with your destiny. If you collect ripe fruit in a dream, then you get a lot of pleasures and happiness from life. Such a dream reflects family well-being and comfort life.

A dream where you buy fruit embodies ambition and a painful need for recognition and respect of colleagues. You certainly want very much to appreciate your work and aspirations. If you sell fruit in a dream, it means getting rid of disturbing thoughts, worries, and problems.

Green fruits carry news about frivolous deeds and waste of energy. Perhaps, by your carelessness, you have taken on other people’s acts and duties. This dream can also mean annoying blunders and mistakes. Lack of skills and knowledge will play an evil role. It is better to ask for the help of more experienced colleagues and partners. Otherwise, you will get yourself into a lot of trouble.

For a woman to bite a fruit in a dream is a warning sign. Do not succumb to the persuasion of a man. His promises will be only words, and actions can damage your reputation in the eyes of others.

If you had a dream about an apple, then it is vital what you did with it and how you got the apple.After all, an apple is a symbol of biblical temptation and sin. Maybe you received an apple, and then you should be careful of this person who gave it to you, probably he wants to hurt you. If you have found an apple, then it can mean that you go the wrong way in life.

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