A funeral in a dream has, as a rule, a negative meaning. It can be a harbinger of unhappiness or a reflection of negative feelings and emotions. However, there are other interpretation options, depending on the details of your dream.

If you dream of the funeral of a long dead person, then this promises an early marriage. In the case when you are already married, such a dream portends suffering from a close person. Entirely possible, that the cause of these torments will be your actions. Try to protect your family from your own selfishness. In the business sphere, this dream predicts losses and unexpected debts. If you are just going to open your business, then it will be a fiasco.

The dream in which you see the funeral of a living person is reminiscent of long-forgotten dreams. It is worthwhile to deal with them right now until they finally perish.

Watching a funeral as an observer, hearing mourning music or a funeral ringing is a sign of the forthcoming death of someone from your environment. If you dream of the funeral of an outsider, then expect a burst of new strength and energy for life.

When in a dream you ring the funeral bells, then in real life you will face obstacles that you have created yourself.

If you see a poor funeral in a dream, it will bring success and prosperity to your family. When the funeral is costly, on the contrary, it promises misfortunes and troubles for your home and all family members.

Standing at the funeral of one of the relatives in good weather predicts good health and longevity for all close and distant relatives. When this weather is cloudy and rainy, expect your forthcoming sickness and possible unpleasant news.

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The dream in which you are present at the funeral of the child embodies peace and tranquility in the home. In addition to this, your closest friends will soon be in serious trouble.

If you dream about your own funeral, this reflects an endless love of life. You are waiting for longevity and vivid impressions for many years.

If you see a funeral procession in a dream, it predicts life’s troubles and sorrows. The longer the parade, the more extended the negative period will last.

To pour tears at someone’s funeral promises little happiness. See others crying or accept condolences predicts pleasure times and enjoyment within a big group of people.

Putting your secrets and private treasures in a coffin means getting rid of them forever. You will let go of the anguish of suffering and inevitably meet a new life.

If you see yourself buried alive, portends of excessive desires and appetites in life. Your excessive needs will lead to an unfortunate result. You need to limit yourself; otherwise, no one will be able to help you.

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