Gale Dream Meaning

Depending on the circumstances in the dream, this dream can have various meanings which range from being positive to having a somewhat of a warning nature.

One of the interpretations of this dream is that you have to face a lot of competition in your professional life. A lot of others contesters might be interested in a single desirable position in your professional field. This is especially true if the gale was quite cold.

If in your dream you saw and a felt a strong gale that was mixed with rain it indicates that you need to be less reserved about some person that has come into your life recently. Despite not giving you a reason for you to believe in them, they might still be quite helpful you in ways which are not obvious to you.

A dream in which there will be a strong gale mixed with a lot of dust means that your time will soon get preoccupied with a lot of small niceties. This can be to a degree that you might lose focus on your main goals and get sidetracked for a while.

If in your dream you have seen a gale that occurs at sea it means that you will be soon anxious about something.  A lot of worries will be on your mind and yet everything will turn out fine. This is especially true if you had this dream early into the night.

A dream in which a strong gale will be seen to be mixed with snow indicates that you are very preoccupied with your work and it might indicate that you need to take a vacation or simply take it easy for a while.

To dream that a gale has subsided means that your problems will be lessened by the external influence that will be beyond your control. Destiny might also help you.

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