Garden Dream Meaning

When you dream of a garden, then this reveals the inner world and meaning your perception of the society. The meaning is interpreted about the attitude towards the garden and time of the year in a dream when you see the garden.

A green, flowering garden is a symbol of a kind and gentle beginning of relations between close relatives.  The garden personifies peace of mind and harmonious moods. If you were in a quarrel with relatives, now is the time to go in order with them. It can also mean a new acquaintance, pleasant in all respects.

A groomed, overgrown or fading garden symbolizes the sorrows of the soul, reflects a difficult time in life. Admittedly, it seems to you that there is no native person nearby, and no one understands you. Do not hide in the shell; try to find new interests and hobbies to cheer up.

If you see in dream pests and diseases have overcome the garden, this indicates a feeling of dissatisfaction with your life. Self-criticism is a good thing, but it must be reasonable. Do not get hung up on long-held misses.

If you dream about the garden with no trees or flowers, then in life it is time to calm down and rethink your life attitude, your values. The most real thing now is to have a good rest and to be well prepared for the future. It is not worth starting yet, your actions will not bring the desired results, and you will just waste your energy.

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A garden filled with tasty, fragrant and ripe fruit promises material well-being and a leadership position at work. Perhaps you will get a pay rise or a new position with the company.

For a woman, a dream with a rest in a fragrant garden, predicts luck in life and many reasons for fun. It can also represent good memories that bring joy. For men, this dream portends new beginnings. Perhaps there is a change in the situation or even the place of residence. The main thing is not to miss this chance, and not be taken away by disembodied fantasies and doubts.

If you are an unmarried woman and in a dream, you tear ripe fruit from the trees, then an in real life you will be getting married shortly. If you are married, this dream presages to reap the fruits of your labors. Both material and spiritual.

If you dream of walking in the garden together with an influential person, it means that you will find strength and determination to realize your dreams and desires.

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