Genitals Dream Meaning

When taken separately from their sexual meaning genital organs have a significant purpose when they are featured in dream. Often there is a strong association with creating something new, innovating something. And also merely a strong desire for a change in your life and your habits.

Female genital organs seen in a dream without sexual context signify a strong desire for being a parent regardless of the sex of the dreamer. Alternatively, this dream can mean that you have come to think a lot about the legacy that you will leave behind in both your personal and the professional life.

If you are already a parent and you have a dream that features female sexual organs, it means that you have some concerns about the well-being of your offspring. Alternatively, you might be concerned about whether you are doing an excellent job as a parent.

Seeing diseased female genitals signifies that you have become quite strongly convinced in the rightness of your attitudes towards the opposite sex. You might have a hard time accepting any new ideas that challenge your beliefs. And it can indicate that you might be perceived to be old-fashioned in your views.

Seeing male genitals removed from its sexual context signifies that in the upcoming time you will experience a rather strong burst of creative and intellectual activity. You might be able to do a lot within a short time span. And it’s likely that your environment will support your endeavors.  It is especially true if the male genitals that you have seen were healthy looking.

Seeing diseased male genitals signifies that the following period might be quite unproductive for you. As an enormous part of your time will be spent in trying to prove the worth of your ideas. Somehow and quite unexpectedly your ideas might be considered to be less valid than before.

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