Guitar Dream Meaning

The guitar is one of the most loved and popular instruments in the world. Dreams about a guitar are shared across the world and, in general, a guitar in the dream is a symbol of sexual fantasies, strong emotions, and desires. A guitar dream meaning may reflect your strength in real life.

If in your dream you see yourself playing an acoustic guitar, means that you may have strong sexual desires. Often dream about an acoustic guitar reflects your passion for making others feel good and relaxed. Such a dream may indicate the need for harmony, rest in your day-to-day life. It can also predict a fun pastime, where you will get acquainted with the love of all life.

An electric guitar in a dream is a sign of your wishes to impress people around you. Such dream reflects the strengths of your emotions and feelings, and you may wish to express your feelings to others.

If you hear a guitar in your dream may be interpreted as your desire to have the pleasant company of your loved ones. Alternatively, the dream may reflect your needs to express your feelings to others by surprising them.

A broken or unstrung guitar in the dream means that shortly you may be disappointed in love and relationships. Alternatively, a broken guitar in a dream may be a sign of your unsuccessful attempts to impress other people.

If you hear a guitar playing in a dream, then it will bring peace to your home and your soul. For a girl, such a dream means a lot of unwanted followers and vain compliments. She will have to fight off the hasty gentlemen.

A young man who does not know how to play the guitar, but sees himself playing, such a dream foretells that he will fall in love with the arrogant and capricious lady. The result of courtship will not pay off the forces spent.

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A dream, where another person plays the guitar, personifies your envy and jealousy of someone else’s happiness in your life. Do not feed these thoughts. Everyone is the creator of his destiny. It is better to find something else for you to do and get distracted by the views.

If in your dream, children play the guitar, you will soon find yourself in an awkward and stressful situation. If you made any promises, then be sure to keep your word in time.

To dream of a guitar with torn strings presages the end of a romantic relationship, you will be in tears and disappointments for some time, but then the life will get better.

To dream of the seven-string guitar predicts unexpected meetings with long-forgotten friends who can dramatically change your plans.

To hear the serenade on the guitar for a woman promises career growth. Perhaps you will have to make significant efforts, but in the end, the victory will be yours. Do not be afraid to compete even with the most influential men.

To dream, where there is a twelve-stringed guitar, speaks about the wrong choice of a life partner. Most likely, you succumbed to a provocation and stopped on the unloved person. If the playing on this guitar sounds fake, then after a while you will find in yourself the power to change a life, and then you will live a full life.

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