About the happenings in your life during this year in general

There instead unusual conjunction of Mars will bring increased energy and determination. It is especially the case for the early part of the year with the first signs of energy increase being noted during February. Right until mid-March a lot of will be achieved primarily in the sense of clearing past issues and leaving the path to the future clear of any clutter.

The start of the summer will bring a notable sense of retrospection in the personal life. Past issues will emerge, and an increased impetus will be created for solving them. These dealings with past matters will end by late July as some lasting solution, or at least way of dealing with them will be found.

About your professional life

The added energy that will be provided by the dominant Mars influence will also have relatively substantial effects on the happenings in the professional life. Optimism and positive thinking will prevail, and indeed many challenges will be taken head-on.  This is especially true for the first part of the year. The increased optimism and energy levels will last until mid-June after which due to the position of Saturn the energy levels will level. During the period from July to September, it is not viable to start new projects due to the ranks of Saturn.

Right from the late September, the increased influence of Venus in the professional sphere will lead to increased creativity in the professional endeavors. New and inventive solutions for long-standing problems will be found, and this will bring increased professional recognition. In the case of Gemini, the Venus influence often adds to the innately versatile Geminian nature.

The Venus influence is also one that brings spiritual fulfillment. As a result, increased spiritual satisfaction as a result of the professional endeavors is likely to happen during the last three months of this year.

About your personal life

The weak Saturn influence on the romance field during the first five months of 2016 is indicative of the freedom being high in your own life during this period. You will come true to the Geminian nature of enjoying freedom in everything, including in the romantic relationships. During these five months, romantic relationships are possible and even likely. However, none of these relationships will require any uncompromising commitment from you at least until mid-May this year.

Starting from the middle of May, Saturn has a stronger influence on the romance field which signifies that you will be in a relationship which will require significant commitment from you. Be careful to make things clear with any previous romantic arrangements and make the path free for you being able to be more committed.

The commitment in this relationship will be mutual, and a right amount of attention will be given to making things work. The sexual aspect will also be present. Be careful of putting your energy solely into the relationship while your friends are somewhat neglected.

About your health

Aside from January and November the energy levels and vitality will be reasonably high throughout the whole year. The health will be especially useful during April and May during which intense efforts will be made, and yet the energy levels will only level off slightly.

The added influence of Mars also has a notably positive impact on the health levels. Aside from the increased energy levels that it provides, it also adds an element of resistance to illness.

During the months January and November you should be especially watchful of health issues. These health issues will be connected with the lungs and airways. As a result during these two months, you should take special care of your lungs and avoid doing anything that might put undue strain on them.