The meaning of giraffe а dream is related to relationships with other people. This may be talking about your or someone else’s arrogance. However, there are other interpretations. It all depends on the details of your dream.

If you see a giraffe in a dream, this speaks of your inherent short-sightedness. You only look on top of everything and do not see the essence. This harms both family relationships and career. Another dream meaning predicts that things will not have early success. All your desires and wishes will require a long climb up, and you need to be patient and calm. You cannot always get what you want at the first time.

To a pet, a giraffe in a dream is a good omen for the affairs of the heart. Soon the beloved person will respond to you with a mutual feeling.

If in a dream a giraffe gazes into the distance, then in life you are waiting for overwhelming emotions and material instability. Maybe you decided to go on a trip, but the costs do not fit into the budget. In spite of fun adventures and rest, you will be upset because of the money spent.

Looking at the giraffe from the bottom up predicts a conversation with an arrogant person. Even with a strong desire, you will not be able to reach for him. Such an individual considers humiliating communication with you.

A dream, where a giraffe leans towards you, speaks of the favorable disposition of influential and meaningful people. You can quickly enlist their support in your enterprises.

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A herd of giraffes portends an open clash with the enemies in real life. You cannot avoid arguing and clarification with them, but you can mentally prepare for this unpleasant event in life.

If you ride a giraffe in a dream, then in life you are carried away too much by your own achievements. Do not neglect old connections and friends. One successful take-off does not give you the wings to fly forever.

A dream in which a giraffe has the face of your spouse reflects his selfishness and despotism. Such relations are only disappointing. No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to please him. It is best to finish such a relationship until they have severely damaged your morale and condition.

Giraffe, eating the best leaves in tall trees, will bring you a well-deserved reward for continued efforts. Your work will be highly appreciated in the relevant field. If, on the contrary, he tries to eat low-growing grass, this personifies the earthiness of nature. In life, you need to push the boundaries of consciousness to understand everything new.

If the giraffe’s head is stuck in the clouds, then in life you are a very dreamy person. Keep dreaming but do not forget to go down to earth and look around.

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