In general, the dream of gladiolus has a positive meaning. However, the interpretation depends on the color of the flower. Packaging is also very important. The most popular dream options are described below.

If you dream about a red gladiolus, it advises you to think before doing anything. Spontaneous actions can significantly harm your life. The exception is a flower in a golden wrapper. If you dream about such a flower, then it is a sign that your ridiculous and stupid actions, in the end, will bring fantastic results. The same is foreshadowed by a dream where the gladiolus was of orange color.

If you dream about the pink shade of this plant, it tells of success in love affairs. To a free man, this dream predicts a romantic acquaintance with a representative of the opposite sex. And for a married person, this dream promises peace and mutual understanding in family life.

Get a massive bouquet of these flowers as a gift; it is a symbol of bright impressions and good mood. Ahead are waiting for events that will lead you to indescribable delight and leave a pleasant aftertaste for a long time.

A light shade of a cog in a prediction of a successful course of all affairs. The harmonious mood of nature will help you achieve results exactly where you need it. Especially it concerns the white color of the petals.

If you dream about a black gladiolus, it is a sign of overcoming the inner sadness. Otherwise, it will not be possible to avoid an unpleasant period. The yearning will be eating you from the inside if you do not find a way to relax.

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To ennoble the front garden with this plant means great achievements in the service, thanks to the support of relatives and close people. Appreciate this concern and do not forget to say thank you for their understanding.

To show your help to distant relatives is foretold by a dream in which you give to one of the flowers grown in your garden. It will help to establish friendly relations and bring good satisfaction.

Get a gladiolus tuber as a gift in a dream, is a sign that you have a secret admirer. Someone is very hungry for a closer acquaintance, but so far unable to decide on it. Take a closer look at your surroundings.

If in a dream you add a skewer to a bouquet of different colors, then, in reality, look more attentively around. A friend from the past will soon be near, and you will be pleased to spend time with him over a cup of coffee.

Dream, where you turned into a florist, promises a new acquaintance. Listen to this person’s advice to avoid real difficulties.

If you dream about the bouquet, which you collect to order from a cobbler, recommends grasping at any offer to earn extra money. Even what is far from profitable, from the first glance, in the end, it will bring great profits and will create a substantial financial cushion for a long time.

Flowers made from paper warn against trust in everyone. Someone deliberately wants to mislead you.

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