The dream of gold can have both positive and negative meaning. It all depends on your actions in a dream. Usually, this refers to the professional activity or financial sphere of your life. But there are other interpretations.

If in a dream you collect and receive a gift of gold nuggets, in real life lie and deprivation are waiting for you.

A dream where you collect golden nuggets predicts quick joyful events and pleasant news. When you throw away golden stones in a dream, means that you will experience difficulties and problems. If you just see the Nuggets, this indicates your unbalanced nature. It is necessary to change it to succeed in life.

To dream of buying gold rings promises a quick marriage. If you have lost the golden ring, this heralds the impending break of relations.

Dream, where you look at gold from the side, says about unnecessary spending. You are not free. This can lead to sad consequences, such as bankruptcy and debts.

To find in a dream gold jewelry or coins means natural enrichment in life. The main thing is not to turn up your nose, and respect for others is guaranteed.

Losing gold items in a dream is a bad sign. This dream represents your carelessness and negligence. Because of such negative qualities, you can miss the most significant change in your life. Then thoughts will remain only dreams.

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If in a dream you hold gold firmly in your hands, then the triumph of all affairs and enterprises awaits you in real life.

If a woman dreams of gold products of any form presented to her, heralds a rich, but very greedy, scrupulous and prudent man. It is worth thinking about whether you are prepared to tolerate such shortcomings.

To dream of a fake gold means to contact dangerous enterprises in real life. It is necessary to pay close attention to controversial proposals to avoid unnecessary risk.

A dream, in which you have a lot of gold, portends of a large number of dependents or simply freeloaders. They enjoy the fruits of your labors but do not feel grateful for it.

If you stole gold in a dream, then in life you will have a loss of prestige in the eyes of others. Short-sighted actions will force people to lose all respect for you.

Gold coins from the dream predict that you will receive payment for your work. Just do not expect that it will necessarily be a cash reward. Perhaps it will be gratitude or a gift from the heart.

If you dream of owning golden pottery or eating from it, this foretells of respect for the authorities and soon getting a pay raise.

gold dream meaning, dream about gold, gold dream interpretation, seeing in a dream gold

A dream in which you swallowed a piece of gold from it, it promises success in art or scientific work.

If you are alone in a dream while making gold items, this portends an empty work in real life and aimlessly spent time. A dream where you turned into a gold digger, predicts the denial of help from the right people. Do not rush to blame them. Most likely, they were pushed away by your excessive prudence and the great desire for profit.

If you drop the gold, it will bring misfortune to your home and harm to your health. You need to be very careful about your own safety and protect your own people.

If you hand your golden products to someone for security, in real life this dream will bring deception and betrayal. It is necessary to look thoroughly at the person from the dream and in no case to trust him in life.

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